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  • Our Children of Darkness and Light (Skysona Story) / Sky: Children of Light
    24 2 2

    A long time ago, the Elders prophesied that three Children of Darkness would purify and protect the world from a terrible evil. In present day, a Child of Darkness purifies thanks to the help of some kind-hearted Children of the Light. As she explores the new world with them, and discovers the darkness of her previous...

  • She Changed Me (OC Story) #BlackLivesMatter
    8 8 4

    Toby Cordova is an accidental, single dad, struggling to get by whilst living in poverty, and raising a daughter on his own, whilst struggling with his mental illness and racism. How he does it? Read to find out. Disclaimer: Very profuse racism involved in this story. The whole story revolves around the social issue o...

  • White Like Roses (Diego x Kip)
    2 2 1

    For his whole life, Kip has suffered from glioblastoma, and it's no secret he's dying. But when a doctor in Spain offers a treatment that can prolong this inevitable death, Kip and his family leap at the opportunity. When in Spain, he meets the doctor, Mateo Pérez, and his son, Diego. Whilst Dr Pérez treats Kip, he a...

  • The Sound of Broken Things (OC Story)[Part 1 of The Heart of a Fighter]
    13 7 4

    "She sleeps, the little girl with a sad face and a ruthless will." Valentina Cross is the most popular girl in school, but her home life is a mess of hate. An alcoholic, drug-addicted mother; a father in a mental hospital; a bullying brother and a too-young sister. Always alone, always trying to be happier. Until she...

  • Glass Prison (OC Story)
    38 6 4

    Underground, hidden from the world, humans are experimented on. Chasity is one of them. When she was two, she was kidnapped and has been living there ever since. To escape means certain death. To stay means certain death. But which will she choose? And can she save the other subjects?

  • Blood and Snow (A Wings of Fire OC Story)[Part 1 of The Good Monster]
    83 20 11

    Furi Duke-Right-China is a dangerous creature. Born with the ability to change her skins, she is running from a father who wants her dead...only she doesn't know it. In the world of Pyrrhia, where dragons rule and hybrid dragons are unlikely cases, Furi is trapped in a war between dragons and inside herself. When her...

  • Dare Me
    44 3 4

    Stella is in an abusive relationship with Eddie and her best friend, Michael, comes to the rescue. Michael invites her on a vacation. However, the vacation gets a little intense when Stella cheats on Eddie with Michael. Will this story end in peace, disaster or continue in a sequel? Continue reading and find out. *Not...

  • Wet Before The Real Feeling
    25 2 1

    This is a story that I came across by @doggone_lover1958 and I asked permission to rewrite in a little more detail. TRIGGER WARNING‼‼‼: Mature content

  • (Tf2) Teaching You The Basics
    123 2 1


  • Hope's Future
    3 0 2

    This is a simple story on a girl. If I say too much it won't be too good. This is also me being randomly emotional. Sorry if it stinks. This is mine alone. The characters are mine so do not take anything. I may add more stories on others. No clue truthfully.

  • The Gang : A Story About My OC's
    29 8 6

    So I'm and artist, and most artist have an oc(s) of there own. I got a heap. I got 8 of them. The cover of this story is a drawing by me with all my ocs. The cat at the front (blackish with orangy brown fur, torn left ear, missing left eye) is Raggedfur, he's my main oc. He's supposed to be a warrior cat oc, but I ch...

  • FNAF Randomness
    435 20 46

    Idk what to put here I guess just read and find out ! ? So in these short stories (each chapter is a new story) Freddy is the sensible one, Bonnie is the dumb one (can be sensible when he wants), Chica is in the middle, foxy is crushing on Mangle but she likes springtrap, purple Guy is a phycopath and murderer (you al...

  • Five Long Nights (FNAF FANFIC)
    226 23 8

    So this is a Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfic. (and no, I'm not one of those cringe 9 year old fanf fan... not being mean to those people but still, I just telling you that this story is going to be at least descent) You just turned 18, and your now looking for a new house to live in and a job. As soon as you found a ni...

  • Lily x Talesha FanFic
    10 2 1

    This FanFic is about my two friends that know each other quite well uwu. but they are both straight.. anyways!! i made a fanfic cause i can

  • Fatal Bullet: Diary of Kirito
    22 2 1

    Based off Sword Art online 'Fatal Bullet' Kazuto kirigaya is a Teenage boy that loves virtual reality games. He found one called fatal bullet and tries it out. He meets a new friend named Sinon and they turn out to not like each other for a bit. They enter this challenge called BoB. They meet dangers along the way als...

  • Dora goes to KFC
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  • -LEADER LOVE-TordXTomXReader
    126 6 1

    you live next door to Edd, Matt and Toms house and one after noon, you see through your window that there house just got destroyed by a unknown visitor. you just moved in a few days ago and you haven't really got to meet Edd, Matt or Tom that much that they were your best friends, you did meet them to introduce yours...

  • My Drawings =^-^=
    80 8 2

    My drawings containing eddsworld, oc's, fanart, art for friends and much more! =^-^=

  • Ask Flutter (Q & A series)
    25 2 1

    so... this is a series im doing on my DA account and ive just finished the first page!^^ Feel free to ask questions and to be featured in a page!^^ Drawn by me Created by me Time taken to make a page: about 6 to 8 hours

  • Random Crap...
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  • New Beginnings (Eddsworld Oc Fanfic)
    2.9K 102 27

    Before 'The End' happened, a girl named Flutter has just moved in with Edd, Matt, Tom and Tord and shes starting to love living with them, but she feels like she has met them before from somewhere and starts to have a feel for them. This is just a Eddsworld Oc fanfic that ive been wanting to write for weeks now...

  • Beginnings ((New beginnings Origins))
    102 8 2

    Many years ago, Flutter just moved to a new, fresh and friendly neighborhood in England, Its the first day of school, what could go wrong? ((AN: Hi everyone ^^ if you have read the latest chapters of my book 'New Beginnings', this is an origins story of Flutter in her kid years, kind of a prequel to the book. I am wor...

  • Diabolik lovers: reader x shu x subaru (Gift/READ DESC PLZ!)
    27 2 1

    This is just for a friend!!! ok, so my friend irl had this dream about these two characters from an anime called diabolik lovers, the characters names are shu and subaru and my friend basically fangirls over them and has i crush on them (its not weird) and she had this weird dream about them. When she told me about th...

  • My pretty little psycho (Oliver x Hope)
    21 2 1

    'Who knew a cold hearted and psychotic scientist/killer could fall in love with their own crazy and demented test subject?" Warning: Contains blood and gore Story by me Oliver and oc's belong to me Hope belongs to @Girl_Loves_Stars Front cover-

  • Bittersweet [Jasper x August]
    44 0 2

    Autumn, the season where the leaves have fallen, the trees become beautiful and before the coldness of the winter snow falls. Jasper, a young but strange deer boy who loves nature, alone in the forest as he hides from others to protect his species. He soon come upon August, a young misunderstood boy who is like every...

  • Your secret admirer [Yuki x Eric]
    297 18 12

    Yuki and Eric had been friends ever since they were kids, but until high school their friendship began to change. One day, Eric was curious about Yuki and soon started to get love letters from his 'secret admirer', Who could it be? Oc's belong to me Original Story by me Front cover is not drawn by me, But that is what...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bloom (River x Blossom)
    223 8 7

    It's been 8 years since River and Blossom got together, though that doesnt mean river has been fully truthful with her until she misunderstands something river did and there relationship falls apart. River belongs to me Blossom belongs to @Girl_Loves_Stars River - They/Them Blossom - She/Her Cover not by me Written by...