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  • It Could Have Gone That Way; A Harmione Fanfiction
    441K 11.9K 83

    ON HOLD Sometimes, even the Wizarding World makes mistakes. Sometimes, even the greatest wizards and brightest witches can be wrong. Perhaps they knew they were wrong. Perhaps they didn't. Either way, the truth will out, in the end, just as it always does. Harry Potter believed himself to be incapable of love, as he...

  • A Turn of Events || Harry/Hermione
    153K 4K 19

    It's the Golden Trio's fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The school has been elected to host a legendary event that hasn't happened in over 100 years; The Triwizard Tournament. Harry wants to be a normal wizard, and enjoy the school year with his two best friends- Ron and Hermione. But, unfo...