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  • gay oneshot's
    81.9K 680 6

    This book may be shit but it's gay shit so read if you like that🏳️‍🌈

  • 4 Sex Stories ‼️
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    These are 4 short sex stories..... Enjoy Don't forget to vote!!

  • Victorious/Sam and Cat/iCarly Smut and lemons
    69.4K 381 5

    In this story I will be writing smuts/lemons for Victorious, Sam and Cat, and iCarly. This will be a female reader only. The main characters I will do is Jade West Tori Vega Trina Vega Cat Valentine Beck Oliver Robbie Shapiro Andre Harris Sam Puckett Dice (don't know his last name) Carly (don't know her last name) Fr...

  • Little Mix (spanking story)
    73.3K 1K 86

    I started writing this story when I was very young so please ignore all of the bad writing and mess ups , I will be rewriting the whole book when I'm not lazy ! WARNING: this story contains spanking in a disciplinary way , and foul language :) if you don't like this type of story Im not forcing you to read

  • Hugh's of Ireland
    71.7K 267 5

    This story started out in my book of erotic short stories called "Ssh". Story turned into having several parts and sections so I decided to turn it into its own little book. If you don't know already, THIS BOOK HAS VERY STRONG INCEST CONTENT... PLEASE READ RESPONSIBLE NA BE 18+ in age. That k you

  • Frerard Dd/lb One Shots {Request Closed}
    698K 15.3K 55

    Just Gerard, Frank, and one daddy kink to rule the world

    Completed   Mature
  • Teen Titans Fan fiction
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    Robin is 18 yrs old and The leader of the team, Cyborg is 17 and the Macanical Genius, Raven is 16 and is the More Grown up one in the group, Beast Boy is Also 16 but is a Month younger than Raven, Starfire is 5 yrs old, Robin found her as a toddler and had become her legal Guardian. So Robin is Technically her Big B...

  • SpiderBaby [{|DISCONTINUED|}]
    31.6K 553 14

    "Under'oos c' mon bud" "No!" "Excuse me?" After finding out his secret Aunt May kicks out young 15-year-old Peter Parker. Peter quickly turns to his 'mentor' Tony Stark. Seeking a home. Gladly taking him in, Peter must learn to adapt to the living with the Avengers. Especially with his da- 'mentor'. ***THIS STORY CONT...

    Completed   Mature
  • CaptainCanary (Book 1)
    17.6K 347 12

    I do not own anything. Rights go to Legends Of Tomorrow/Arrow

  • Victorious Fanfiction
    2.8K 30 7

    Beck is 18 yrs old. when Tori was a baby Beck's family adopted her. Tori is 4 yrs old and Attends school with Beck. Becks parents where murdered on Tori's 2nd birthday. Beck is Tori's Legal guardian. Jade is 17 and 1/2. Cat is also 17 but is older than Jade. Andre is 18 as well but is younger than Beck by 2 months.

  • Flash. Season 5 rewrite.
    1.2K 29 16

    Nora had Just told the team the truth and is afraid of what he'll do. Barry has Rules for his daughter and if she disobeys She gets Punished by her dad. Nora is 10. Even though she's 10 she has the height of an 8 year old and acts like she's a 5 year old. Just because In the show she looks so Young. Barry loves his d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ninjago Fanfiction
    1.8K 2 93

    Master Wu, Garmadon, and the Ninja are all living a good life. Even though when Danger comes they're ready to face it. Jay,Cole and Zane's mom Lilly had died from a sickness so their Dad raised them until Zane's 16th birthday when Dr . Julien had died. The 3 of them ran away from their foster families. Nya was adopted...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tony Stark/Avengers ageplay
    167K 3.2K 23

    When the team finds out about Tony drinking after supposedly quitting, they punish him. Which only leads to one of Tony's deepest secrets being revealed.

  • His Little Girl
    36.2K 806 12

    What if Kara had been a little kid when she crashed onto Earth? And what if Dick Grayson has been the same age? When Clark is handed a tiny blonde girl, with no idea on how or raise her and no idea how to be a father. Bruce, with his newly adopted son, isn't much help. Clark and Kara struggle to learn how to love wit...