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  • Stark And The Spider
    1.7M 50.6K 67

    (Peter Parker X READER) Some say Tony Stark is a conceited, egotistical, narcissistic jerk. But they have never seen him with his daughter. No one has. And hopefully no one ever will. It isn't safe to be the daughter of a billionaire, especially not a billionaire super hero. So they kept her a secret. Until Peter Park...

  • Sam: A Summer With My Uncle (Tony Stark fanfic)
    122K 3.4K 40

    Sam is a foster kid that thinks she has finally found a permanent home, but she was wrong. The Warren's decide that they want to give her up, but the system is having a hard time finding her another home to stay in, even for a night, so they call her aunt and ask if she can stay there for just two weeks. The only thin...

  • Leah Stark - The Unknown Child
    77.4K 1.6K 57

    After running away from her abusive stepfather after the death of her mother, she has a chance encounter with the billionaire Tony Stark and by that we mean she broke into the Avengers tower. He begins treating her like a daughter and the media picks up on it. However, as rumours grow the only thing that can stop them...

  • Snow
    154K 4.3K 34

    "I think we are just cursed." Snow chuckles, making both her and Bucky laugh. "The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light." Bucky tells her. "We will come back stronger and harder, like a broken bone." The Story of The Winter Soldier is well known. Bu...

  • Your Little Stark
    1.2M 40.6K 61

    BOOK 1 OF THE JESSI STARK SERIES. He has become wrapped around her finger, she's the center of his whole world. And his heart fully belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect and unforgettable girl. IRON MANS DAUGHTER. •IM1 - IM2 - A1•

  • My Joy (Bucky Barnes's Daughter)
    101K 2.5K 20

    #1 in "Hurt-Comfort" #3 in "CaptianAmerica #2 in " Daughter " #5 in "Bucky" Bucky is now working with the Avengers and still trying to remember his past. When one day hidden deep in an old Hydra base the team finds a little girl not even 5 years old, and she says that Bucky is her daddy... Does Bucky really have a d...

  • BATTLE BORN ; Bucky Barnes
    71.9K 1.3K 28

    AN EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG those four words accurately describe both Scout Brighton and Bucky Barnes. Scout started in a science lab, an angel in disguise, a miracle child, according to the white coats. Bucky started as a soldier, then the fall happened and everything changed. They meet in the future, and as most exp...

  • Parenthood 2; Double the Stark (Tony Stark's daughter)
    123K 4.1K 7

    ***|Sequel to Parenthood|*** Maggie Stark is fourteen-years-old now, and she's not a kid anymore. However, her way overprotective father, Tony, isn't willing to accept that his little girl isn't well...a little girl anymore. So when the Avengers need help taking out possible leads to the worst of the worst Hydra agen...

  • Lost In Her Past (Civil War Fanfic)
    206K 5.1K 36

    May 25, 2012. 35H-GQ. That was her name. A name for the girl who was left on the streets by her mother at the age of 2. A name for the girl who was imprisoned, tortured, and abused by none other than HYDRA. They saw her as a chance, an opportunity to test their dangerous, life-threatening experiments. It took 6 years...

  • BATTLE SCARS (I) ↳ Tony Stark's daughter
    191K 4.3K 67

    You could say Rebel hasn't had it easy. Between multiple abusive foster homes, street fights and then ending up in juvie things couldn't get much worse. Soon Rebel goes from being a street rat to finding out her biological father is Billionaire, Tony Stark. Though life in the dream house isn't as perfect as it seems...

  • Frozen In Time || Captain America's Daughter ✔️
    212K 5.6K 50

    COMPLETED! (June 2019) book one of captain america's daughter like all lives. it starts somewhere, you might be normal and have parents, you might have none, you could be born into a rich family or a poor one. hazel rogers was not normal in anyway whatsoever. raised by peggy carter. she didn't know life outside of it...