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  • Clones | Coming Soon
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    #1 IN THE CLONES DUOLOGY * In a world where his kind is being brutally murdered, experimented on, and mistreated, Max Chaudhry should be fighting for his freedom and his magical power. But he's not. After the death of the one he loved most, he's hiding away in Falcon Village, a safe haven for people like him, and dete...

  • To Catch a Glimpse
    1.2K 257 52

    The final seven year countdown to the end of the age. The New World Order is set up and ready to go. The populace is sufficiently desensitized and ready. Two worlds collide as the world spins out of control. Cover credits: @royalhues Thank you!

  • J a R E M I R H I V E 2
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    Sequel to: J a R E M I R H I V E This book centres on: Maturity Inspiration Relationships Health Initiative Vitals Encouragement This book is essential to reduce the chokehold of depression, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and other negation of M I R H I V E. This inspirational book was conceived in mind because...

  • J a R E M I R H I V E
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    This book centres on: Maturity Inspiration Relationships Health Initiative Vitals Encouragement This book is essential to reduce the chokehold of depression, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and other negation of M I R H I V E. This inspirational book was conceived in mind because of Jare, the Nigerian little girl who was...

  • Lost
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    A girl who wants to live but chooses death. The truth that everything she ever had was false. The secrets only her memories held. The memories she herself is oblivious of. She is lost in time. ° ° ° CRINGE WARNING ⚠ This is my first time writing, So please pardon my mistakes and give me your feedback so I can impr...

  • Behind Their World
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    "I said don't even try to move or else I'll shoot!" He said angrily pushing the gun hard in her neck. The room was getting darker and colder with every passing second. "Oh yeah, do you think that I...will...obey...your...orders." She spoke the last line while struggling to get out of his masculine hold. ...

  • Silvia's scribbles
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    A collection of short stories written for writing challenges and prompts. You can just read them and have some fun. Or, you can use them to write your own story and have even more fun. I'll be happy to read it!

  • Hues Of Dusk
    1.5K 354 47

    "Do you still hate me?" "Why shouldn't I?" What would you do if your childhood bully was back and going to the same college as you? Would you fight back or stay off his radar? Tag along to find out how Sandhya handles the situation with the help of her friends who happen to be her bully's friends too and how far she c...

  • Hogwarts Marauders [Year 1]
    3.5K 550 37

    As they were running down the staircases James was putting on his robes over his pajamas and shirt and trying to fix his tie. On the other hand at least Peter was ready to attend a lecture in full uniform. While Sirius was- "For Merlin's sake, where are your clothes Sirius?" Remus asked "Oh I did not realize until now...

  • Poetic Interpretations
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    So I decided I was going to write some poems. Maybe check them out? :)

  • NanCy
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    She was Nancy. She didn't understand what happened but she wanted to achieve her goals. What could stop her? From what she's seen so far, Nothing.

  • Broken Strings
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    When Alex left, I broke. When Alex came back, I healed. But it wasn't because of him. Nope. I healed because of me. --- --- --- --- This is an original work of fiction, originally written for the Open Novella Contest, 2019. PLEASE do not copy this. It takes effort to wr...

  • The Transferee
    1.8K 729 6

    Jameson Parker, a 16-year old high school student, has been rejected by his long-time crush, a girl he was obsessed with. later, he met Dwight Finley, a transferee. Despite being new from each other, they turned easily as friends, suddenly getting more closer. As they recover from the past, they have each others' b...

  • Sly as a Fox
    438K 17.8K 46

    "A fox is never caught in the same snare twice." -Greek Proverb. Willow thinks of herself as totally independent. She doesn't need anyone telling her what to do or how to do it, but it's not quite as easy for her to fulfill her wants of keeping her independent lifestyle. For starters, Willow isn't even human; she's a...

  • In Sheep's Clothing
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    The phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" has a double meaning: don't underestimate something based on what you see, but don't overestimate them, either. For Ellie, all anyone could ever do was underestimate her. Her entire life, people always saw her as a quiet, timid girl they could take advantage of, and, eventu...

  • Fear of a Name
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    Ivory Ferali Riddle hasn't had a normal upbringing, even for a witch. Born to Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, all she has known is hatred and pain. Then, after thirteen years of fear, she is finally allowed to go to Hogwarts. Will she get a happily ever after, or will her world crumble as people start to disco...

  • Don't Die
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    Only if we could see the future, wouldn't our promises be a bit more realistic?

    161 32 7

    Gautam went in search of his sister to a town where her last known address was! The town is has its own story weird and creepy! Will he find her or he will disappear too?

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost ✔️
    7.1K 688 46

    'Some people say that boys can't be raped. Well, I can assure you that they are wrong-very wrong.' A narrative poem about a male victim of sexual assault that is told through random snippets of the victim's troubled memory. -O- CONTENT WARNING: This story is rated M for mature audiences due to: -mention/brief flashbac...

    Completed   Mature
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    ✨#6 in flaws ✨ These are imperfect poems and prose by an imperfect writer. This a ray of light to keep myself sane. To keep myself from losing my mind. This is shame; this is humility; this is blood; this is sweat and this is my tears. I made when I felt low; when I felt high; when I cried; when I smiled; when I brea...

  • darkness and light
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    A collection of poems about observations, thoughts, and feelings. Copyright ©2019 by I.M. Baral All rights reserved.

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    • - - - - - - ☆- - - - - - • "Your mind defies you, your own body betrays you, and you call it safe?" • - - - - - - ☆- - - - - - • Dia's life is anything but normal. After five years of hell, she was finally found in the cellar of the most feared killer. She was dying, her breath was fading away, it could have been he...

  • To Fall To Hell
    1.1K 201 22

    The Devil's Slaves. Lucifer's Posessions. Predatuers were a race bound to Lucifer him self. Their role - to banish Demons and the Lost Souls back to Hell. Ember is a Predatuer. Fast and Resilient. But when she makes a Deal with the Devil to save her Father, she must stay strong-minded. Yet, she must fight to keep out...

  • BROKEN (#2 In Love Series)
    20.1K 1.1K 38

    BROKEN So, you must have read my other story of Sanvi. Well, this story is also complicated and is based on her friend Tanya. You all must be thinking of her as an obsessed bitch, who chose her lover before her friend. Well, I want to tell you what happens if she chooses her friend. What she did for Sanvi, how many sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • His scared love
    78.9K 4.5K 37

    Sanjh Mehra is 21 years old girl who is sweet and simple loving and caring. Live with her father and sister Pakhi who is 19 years old. She shows that she is fine and happy but the reality it's not it. She has some deep scars that is scaring her from everyone and everything. Will she be ever able to love someone? Aayan...

  • Restore
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    If King David lived in this generation, would the leaders of the church have acknowledged his restoration? If Samson was alive today, would the people see that even in his death God moved powerfully? If Apostle Peter was here today, would he find a spiritual family that would accept him even after he denied Jesus? The...

  • The Elements of Forbidden Love
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    Nixie Caldwell lives in a New Earth. A world that has mutated along with the people in it. A world with four domains of life. The domains are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each resident is born with special abilities involving the element that they were born into. Each elemental lives in their separate regions away fro...

  • The X-Event
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    THIS BOOK IS A PARTICIPANT IN THE FANFIC AWARDS 2019 BY @Bellerina50 For everyone else her age, having a sister means someone to play games with, someone dependable, and always loved. For Frisk Angevin, having a sister means fights, violence, and never-ending threat. Chara Angevin, Frisk's sister, three years her jun...

  • The Invisible Fire
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    "Noah, what are you doing? Please, drop the knife" I began in a neutral tone, doing my best to disguise my pain. He didn't reply, but Mary began to speak. "Please Beatrix, we have to go. We don't know what he's capable of." I didn't want to go. I already lost Chris, but if I tried, I could maybe save Noah.

  • Deal with the Devil
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    The side of hell never seen before /The story that rests within its walls /You might imagine it, but don't ask for more /For you never know when the time calls