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  • You Left
    70.5K 2.4K 35

    When you leave someone and try to come back remember they were hurt when you left them and try to fix what you broke, it's not simple but nothing is simple, right ?

  • Serendipity | Jax Teller
    248K 5.1K 20

    Delilah returns home with plans to just focus on her career and take care of her uncle, but it seems fate had other ideas especially with Jax Teller involved. [REVISED]

  • Grounders(#wattys2016)
    72.4K 2.9K 31

    Bellarke and Linctavia modern AU that follows Octavia as she moves out on her own and gets a job working at a bar called Grounders owned by Clarke Griffin. She starts dating the bouncer Lincoln. Bellamy is less than thrilled, but then he gets to know Clarke. Rated teen for language I own nothing related to the 100

  • Lexi's Undoing | Book 1
    27.3M 776K 66

    A lovestruck demigoddess, unaware of her royal status, makes some shocking discoveries during her birthday weekend and flees to the underworld to escape Zeus's wrath. ******* After years of boardi...

  • I have a crush on my worker (g+g)
    405 4 4

    Marie Avgeropoulos is getting a knew job being a secret agent but can one little crush on her bosses girlfriend plus her co-worker get her fired read and find out?

  • Race Car Lovers (Letty and Dom) (Fast and Furious)
    11.7K 202 10

    This book is based on Fast and Furious, so I do not own all these names (well maybe some ). Love life of Letty and Dom This is the early life before fast and furious happens Oh yea baby~ Highest Ranking (24/5/18) #1 MichelleRodriguez #1 Dotty #11 Letty #15 DominicToretto #3 DomandLetty #37 FastandFurious

  • North Shore: Season 1 Episode 1
    633 13 4

    Jaylynn Lilakoi is escaping from her ex-boyfriend, Roman Reigns, to Oahu, Hawaii. She tries her best to cover up her scars, bruises, and burns with makeup. After meeting the staff members of the Grand Waimea Hotel and Resort, she catches the eye of the sexy Hawaiian bartender, and her childhood friend, Frankie Seau. W...

  • To Protect and Serve (Chicago PD / Antonio Dawson Fanfic)
    216K 4.1K 51

    Arbor Alexander has worked in the West Side for the past six years at the 17th District. She was patrol for three years before getting promoted to Homicide and getting her detective shield. Now, her district is shutting down and she's been requested at the 21st District, one of the best in the city. She's partnered wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beverly Hills 90210 : the kids
    294 1 1

    Its been 16 years there all settled and have a life. Dylan is back in LA with his daughter . her name Alexia McCay and he is back in his son Sammys life. All the old characters are back and there ready to show you what is happening

  • Liam and Annie's Story Continues
    4.5K 50 7

    okay so I've been watching 90210 and I love it. Not gonna spoil it but, Naomi and Liam just wasn't good everything was wrong about them. I always wished that the night of there junior prom that Liam did cheat on Naomi with Annie, it would have started there relationship a lot earlier then when it did. My story starts...

  • The good girl
    646 9 6

    This fan fiction is about how Annie falls in love with Liam but a old high school love from her past comes to try and win her back and her life after west Bev

  • Ricky And Amy's Story Continues
    15.4K 346 20

    I didn't like the ending of the show, so I've been coming up with ideas on how I would want to end it or continued it. Hope you like it! Plz no mean comments.

  • Amy, Ricky and John - The Secret Life Of An American Teenager
    21.1K 431 18

    After a year of Amy coming home every few months to see John and Ricky, the plane bills piled up and amy felt bad about leaving John every few months and missing out in his life. After making a life changing decision to move to California, will things be the same between Ricky and Amy? Or will it be the start of somet...

  • Love Story, 90210
    8.6K 135 11

    This is the story about continuation of the 90210's life! But their life in college. Weddings, mostly life. Will they get through? Annalynne Mccord as Naomi Clark Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson Court Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna-Tate Duncan Matt Lanter as Liam...

  • Lannie 90210
    19.2K 276 22

  • The boy next door
    1.4K 16 5

    He is the bad boy . She is a good girl . What would happen if their 2 worlds collide ?? Read to find if a good girl and a bad boy could get along . Who would persuade the other to do what they do . Liam Court the bad boy or Annie Wilson the good girl?

  • annie and liam
    2.6K 23 5

    90210 characters with my own plots. - id do a whole summary about my book but im very lazy and id probably end up just writing the whole story lmao. so read to find out!

  • 90210
    1.7K 33 4

    Basically this story is about continuing the heart drawing drama of 90210. Things ended with a cliff hanger. Silver got cancer, Navid and Adrianna got engaged, as well as Annie and Liam, and Naomi went off to DC with her boyfriend, Jordan.

    7.9K 153 12

    Nick Jonas and Demi Jonas were living their lives as a happy couple or so they thought, but what happens when an acusation of cheating is made and they seperate, will this make them closer? Or just tear them more apart?

  • You Can Fix My Heart {Demi Lovato Birthday Special - Jemi Oneshot}
    2.5K 36 1

    On Demi's 20th birthday, she's having a concert. It's supposed to be just like every single one of the other summer concert's she's done these past few months, until a surprise guest shows up.

  • When Love Happens..
    65.2K 1.1K 70

    Demi begins her first day back to school,after being homeschooled.That's when she noticed a guy,Joe Jonas. He has a reputation of being a bad boy. Sooner then later,Joe and Demi began to become friends,but feelings start to grow...Demi falls for him,heads over heels,but will Joe fall for her?

  • His Revenge (Power Play #1)
    32.4M 566K 33

    Ethan Lachlan, wealthy businessman and CEO of a fortune 500 company had planned his revenge down to the very last detail...He would shake Erin Gosling's perfect little world till she came begging him for mercy. He would make her pay for taking what was supposed to be rightfully his. Five years ago, Erin Gosling saves...

  • I love you...I think
    653 68 4

    When fifteen year old Hannah returns home after being in boarding school for two years she's not surprised to see that some things have changed. Her wealthy parents are still living the same country club lifestyle though but things about it have changed in two years, that including her brothers best friend who she had...