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  • Forged in Frost and Fire (Book 1 in the Chronicles of Kings trilogy)
    1.1M 43.6K 46

    "As I laid on the filthy mat, my white hair fanning out like a halo around my head, I felt that ice inside of me fester. It grew and spread until it spanned across my entire body. It engulfed every thought inside my head, every feeling that was bubbling up inside of me. Like a virus. The cold quieted it all, until eve...

  • Natural Selection Samples
    3K 77 3

    "We shall burn so the world may one day have light?" These are teaser samples from my upcoming novel, Natural Selection. Aydris Ares is kidnapped by an organization called The Sute. The same organization that wishes to implement artificial 'survival of the fittest' on the entire population. In order to save eve...

  • The Rogues
    250K 7K 41

    Control. It's what Evelyn's known her whole life...being controlled by a croupt government run society called Detra. Detra's government controls every aspect of your life, from the job you work to the person you marry. "Giving perfect lives to perfect people", is Detras motto, but to Evelyn, her life is far from perfe...