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  • The Mafia Brothers (TBD)
    23.4K 679 3

    The Ramerez brothers were the only ones you avoided to be around. They all just brewed trouble and havoc against the town people and was feared by everyone. One day, they were charge for a major crime that led to the arrest of all four deadly brothers and others thought they were locked away for good this time. For t...

  • The Italian Beast
    5.4M 117K 53

    Most people had the ability to say that their best friend was their sister, but all my sister had done was betray me by messing with my fiance behind my back. Even if I was the kind of sweet girl who was only a hopeless romantic, I had my limits, and heartbreak was one of them. After a wild night of partying, I woke...

  • His Soft Spot
    178K 5K 15

    (Mature Content) "Please, let go of me." "No, you're mine." +++ Nora Wilson lived in the gutter of Chicago and never had life easy. She worked long hours to get by. Socially awkward and invisible to everyone, she never seemed to fit into the right crowd. And the last thing Nora wanted was to get involved in...