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  • A Menace On Board!
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    For Captain Sha'ar Arzara, no danger in the known universe is scary enough... Until someone brings little, screeching menaces on board The Ark. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my entry for Young Adult's Profile prompt, "The Ark". It's 1.5k words. Warning: This is my attempt at making of humorous short story wi...

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    WINNER in Wattpad's YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi Profile's TRIFECTA CONTEST Sometimes the prize is not what you think.

  • Blood Type X
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    Neal lives a relatively peaceful life. He studies at his college with little to no disruption. No crime in his part of town, and certainly no one searching to acquire his perfectly normal blood. His life is what one considers "average" and maybe even a little boring at times, vacant of supernatural beings like the...