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  • I'm Sorry || Park Jimin
    96.9K 2.1K 14

    "Let's break up.." "Why?" "I don't like you anymore.." Those 5 words can actually made a girl's heart broke apart. After two years, they met again. What will happen to them? Will Nayeon forgive Jimin after what he did?

  • p•jm || Faded (Completed)
    47.2K 1.4K 26

    "I'm just a little bit sad.. a little bit too sad... And tired... And weak... And broken... But no matter how tired, or weak, or broken I am.. I will always stay by your side. You're the one who gave me a reason to fight... You're the one who protected me.... And you're the one who saved me... " Don't like it, don't...

  • Good Boy Changes A Bad Girl ( Jungkook FF )
    41K 849 11

    I fell in love with her I fell in love with him I'm the school's good boy I'm the school's bad girl We're both popular How did he change a school's bad girls attitude and let him enter her heart ?

  • Living with you
    148K 4.4K 29

    A BTS Jungkook Fanfic "Im sorry to say this... But i'll arrange marriage for you." Appa said with teary eyes "This is to save the company" A short description on how it happened. Want to know more? Read this fanfic! What written is only a short description it may not be in the real story :) Hope you enjoy!

  • Forgive me - pjm
    55.1K 1.7K 10

    The sequel to Lie to Me. Can we start over?

  • For You(BTS JIMIN)
    57.3K 1.9K 11

    For you I would do anything even if it's have to be listening to your stories about her. For you I would find your happiness. For you I would let go. Park Jimin and Kim Nami are childhood bestfriends. Later in the future when they enter high school Nami do not consider Jimin as the boy who always tell secrets to nor...

  • Tears | pjm
    59.5K 2.3K 10

    | You just watched as I cried | [Bangtan Short stories]