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  • Boba {Jung Hoseok AU}
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    "WHO NEEDS OXYGEN WHEN YOU HAVE BOBA?" // RECIPE FOR: BOBA ( includes drama, love, and lots of metaphorical and physical tea ) Step 1 - Gather Zoey Cho, the successful boba-maker, and her hyper group of friends. Gather Jung Hoseok, the successful cook, and his seven unique companions. Step 2 - Mix well until drama t...

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    thoughts from when: 1. the sky is an ocean 2. the world is kept outside your window 3. the stars are at your feet

  • I'm Young ― Zhang Yixing
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    The silly things you do when you're in love because you're still too young. Or that's what they say. [#4 of the EXO series]

  • heartbreak haven
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    OF ALL THE BOYS & GIRLS I LOVED, LOST, AND LEFT. ♡ ranked 1st in #selflove ♡ ranked 1st in #prose ♡ ranked #5 in POETRY ♡ a wattpad feature story: pocketful of posies ♡ featured on wattpad: teen fiction