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  • Superflash - Crisis on Earth X (Volume 1)
    27.8K 768 37

    Rewrite of Crisis on Earth X. Kara Danvers and Barry Allen have battled and overcome the worst, but what happens when there newest challenge they must face is themselves. Watch/ read as Kara and Barry fight to protect their Earths from there most powerful threat yet. Why are the Earth X'ers here, what are their true i...

  • A Love Between Earths ~ A SuperFlash Fanfic ~
    48.1K 1K 26

    Sequel To: The Tales of an Alien and A Speedster Imprisoned, Barry Allen lies in wait for his friends to clear his name, and on the outside of the bars, Kara struggles against a strange new enemy that threatens her with every step. DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters. The rights to these characters belongs to T...

  • The Tales of an Alien and a Speedster ~ A SuperFlash Fanfic ~
    132K 2.8K 28

    Supergirl x The Flash Ripped of his loved one, a broken Barry Allen finds comfort in the most unlikely place; his equally broken alien friend. DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters. The rights to these characters belong to The CW and DC Comics. Book One of Two

  • I Hope To be There: Superflash
    91.6K 1.7K 28

    When Barry is thrown into Kara's Earth, he finds more than just a friend in her. Kara, being devastated after MonEl's passing, seems to connect with Barry in a way no one can for one reason: They've lost eveything. Or have they? ----- DISCLAIMER: I don't own this characters, they belong to the DC comics universe.

  • Until I Reach You: Superflash Fanfic
    25.4K 804 18

    Few things are more terrifying than being called to say your goodbyes. Specially when someone you thought was invincible is the same person you're saying goodbye to. Barry is called to say his goodbyes to his best friend: Kara Danvers. After the chaotic fight against Reign, the Girl of Steel is brought to her knees a...

  • Heroes Join Forces
    9.8K 245 15

    After escaping the Speed Force, Barry and Iris are unable to rekindle their relationship. Deciding it's best to give each other some space, Iris leaves Central City to spend time with Wally in Blue Valley and Barry travels to Earth-38 to spend time with Kara. National City welcomes the Blur back with open arms but Cad...

    Completed   Mature
  • Justice (2019)
    486 25 3

    (Note: This story is connected to the arrowverse shows up until the first episodes of: Arrow season 7, The Flash season 5, Legends of Tomorrow season 4 and Supergirl season 4. It is the first story of a planned interconnected universe of arrowverse fanfiction stories. This story is heavily inspired by these award winn...

  • Superflash
    73.4K 1.6K 40

    Kara Zor El and Barry Allen were from two different universes. Before Barry was struck by lightning, he actually lived on Earth-3. It was the lightning that brought him to Earth-1. As children, Kara and Barry went to schools that were very close and even summer camps. Somehow they managed to become very close friends...

  • WORLD'S FINEST LOVERS ~{SuperFlash Fanfic}~
    35.9K 668 25

    It's been a year since tragedy struck... Iris's death has taken its toll on everyone...especially Barry. With his defeat at the hands of Savitar still ringing in his head and the constant reminder that he wasn't fast enough to save the woman he loved, grief seems to be the only thing he feels... Meanwhile, in a diffe...

    Completed   Mature
  • SuperFlash: Just superfriends?
    43.2K 518 24

    The story will be based on the flash's musical crossover. Barry has feelings for Kara. Kara also has feelings for Barry but doesn't realize that she does until the final moments in the musical. Will they confess their feelings to each other and become more? DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY DOES NOT BELO...