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  • Calming The Storm🌌 (#wattys2019)√
    150K 7K 71

    #1 indian on 15/02/2020 #1 hotheaded on 20/07/2019 #1 mumbai on 17/10/2019 #1 court on 04/02/2020 In the beginning there is nothing... You begin in the void and continue into the dark... You find light in the dark... But your path lights up the most in darkness when lightening strikes during a storm... I began in the...

  • No more Good Girl (badboy goodgirl) UNDER MAJOR EDITING!
    7.7M 193K 86

    WARNING: THIS BOOK HAS NOT BEEN EDITED. THIS BOOK IS CONFUSING IN THE BEGINNING BUT IT GRADUALLY GETS BETTER. I WARNED YOU. ~ "We're going to be your teachers." Macy said. "For what?" I asked. "To be popular bad asses," Simone said. "No more good girl for you." ~ Naomi Hensley, she was the girl nobody noticed and ass...

  • The Bad Boy
    1.2M 33.3K 58

    Meet Braylon Monroe, she's the new girl at Eastside high school so no one knows her. Then there's Grayson Owens, Mr. Perfect, the bad boy, player, and most known for being the rugby captain. Being the new person is always hard, but for Braylon it's even tougher with Grayson in the way. "I hate you, Grayson Owens," "...

  • The secrets we keep
    402K 8.6K 85

    After the sudden death of Kenna's Mother, she is forced to go back to Los Angeles to live with her father and brothers. And after not seeing the rest of the family for years she has to see that she is not the only one who has changed. Her overprotective older brothers make it impossible for her to start fresh in the C...

  • Operation: Stay Alive
    631K 19.3K 55

    Nicole Evers' parents unexpectedly leave for a "business trip" leaving Nicole all alone, but her parents decide its best for Nicole to stay at the Vance's house while they leave for an unknown amount of time. Without saying goodbye they leave her at their front door only to come face to face with the schools Bad Boy a...

  • Colton & His Angel (Book One Of The "And His" Series) (Un-Edited) (COMPLETED)
    193K 7.3K 78

    **2nd Place romance category-Community Hub Awards** Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. ~Martin Luther King, Jr. Colton: With a difficult upbringing and only myself to rely on, building a new life for myself wasn't always easy. But Mama K giv...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy Roommate ✔︎✔︎
    9.2M 278K 70

    after a prank gone terribly wrong, hayden jones is sent across country to caldwell academy, a school for the bitchy, the dangerous and the rebellious. and if that wasn't bad enough, it becomes much worse when hayden is accidentally put in the male dormitory, landing her in a room with the school's notorious heartbreak...

  • I Will Make You Mine, This Is My Promise
    452K 3.9K 7

    He pinned her to the wall by grabbing her arm and stood too close to her. So close that their noses and foreheads were touching. "You look hurt, Maira. Your eyes are reflecting your pain. Is it because you are finally realizing your feelings for me?" Hearing his words, Maira felt a shiver run down her spine. She gat...

  • Clean Bowled
    241K 13K 70

    Viraj Singhania is a cricketer. Aslesha Mathur is a kathak dancer. He doesn't care about anything and anybody. She is really kind and helpful towards everybody. Parties, girls and scoring double centuries is his life. Papa, novels and ghungroos are her life. But even though they are so different, they have one thing i...

  • Forever with you...
    29.4K 2.1K 134

    Hi friends. I am very excited about this story. Because it is my first story. Please forgive me if there is any mistake in it. We all know what love is. But our views may be different. Love is essential for this world. Every history have a love story at least. Forever with you... is the love story about a successful...

  • Hues Of Dusk
    172K 115 5

    Coming soon in paperback and ebook format. The book is unpublished on Wattpad. To read the reviews by the readers, you may check inside. © Snehalghuge2020

  • Notorious | ✓
    510K 26.1K 41

    "I have to be honest, it hurts my feelings that you rich kids are calling us delinquents." "You literally just beat someone up." THIRD BOOK IN THE WICKED SERIES

  • Ethereal
    309K 14.6K 56

    "This story of ours is written into the stars, my love." In which all the Greek Gods reincarnate as mortals, only to find each other all over again.

  • Saints
    550K 27.7K 34

    "What do you mean I'm stuck with the seven deadly sins? I'm a saint!" "You've been about seven minutes in hell and have managed to insult eight people already, Jasmina." "Fuck off, wannabe Satan."

  • The Possessive Gentleman [Completed]
    97.8K 2.9K 43

    "I promise, Clara, one day I will be back. I will take you back with me, and I will marry you" It was the last thing Raphael told her before he went home, leaving her waiting for a while before the memory was slowly fading. The sweet, impulsive promise he made to her was soon forgotten as she started dating another m...

  • Perfect Imperfections
    408K 19K 20

    You can fall in love with the perfections, but can you stay in love with the imperfections? **** Sequel to Perfect Target. CANNOT be read as a standalone.

  • The Italian's Son.
    14.4K 434 6

    The Italian's Son. ~Sequel to: Pregnant with the Italian's Baby. (PWTIB)~ >>>>>>>>>>>> 《EXCERPT》 <<<<<<<<<<<< I stood there, mouth gaping. "What's the matter Aless?" A bright beautiful smile appeared on her face as she twirled her hair around her fingers. My eyes scanned over her body in complete and utter shock. I w...

  • Best Wattpad Books
    80.7K 477 42

    Are you looking for a great romance wattpad story? These are all of my ALL TIME FAVORITE romance stories. I've read a lot of books here on Wattpad but none of them are the greatest to my extent. Well, only a few. And here is the book where I get to share all of the greatest wattpad and free iBook finds with you! (Reco...

  • Best Wattpad Stories
    272K 2.5K 53

    Here I will post every single book that I loved reading on Wattpad. Enjoy. Xoxo, not Gossip Girl Note: recomend me stories and I will put them in my list

  • Wattpad's Best Romance Books - Book Five
    174K 684 79

    Looking for amazing books to read? Well look no further. You have come to the right place. If you think your book or anyone else's book deserves to be on this list, PM me the book and I will be sure to check it out. But for now be sure to Read, Comment, and Vote. ~ Aimie Copyright © 2017 by KatyDreams All Rig...

  • Best Romance Books on Wattpad
    168K 1.2K 28

    This book consists of self picked romance novels that kept me wanting more. Sexy, lovely, lively, and amazing.

  • Read Books & Love Wattpad
    24.7K 246 23

    These are some really good books that I love on wattpad personally. We all get a time even if your new to Wattpad or have been here for years, where we need a FRICKING great book to read! If your looking for something to make you to fall over and die with heartbreak, shock, cute moments, awesome comebacks, and endless...

  • Wattpad's Best Romance Books
    15.8M 54.9K 199

    Looking for amazing books to read? Well look no further. You have come to the right place. If you think your book or anyone else's book deserves to be on this list, PM me the book and I will be sure to check it out. But for now be sure to Read, Comment, and Vote. ~ KatyDreams Copyright © 2014 by KatyDreams All Rights...

  • Undeniably In Love With The Bad Boy ✔
    5.7M 110K 78

    | Highest ranking : #3 in Teen Fiction | | Highest ranking : #20 in Romance | | Highest ranking : #1 in Teen Romance | (Undeniably in love with the bad boy - shortly known as Undeniable) "Grayson. . This isn't right. What if my brother finds out?" I stressed. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, "That's a risk I'm will...

  • Mr. Executive
    20.8M 717K 63

    Alexander James is at the top of the food chain with his multi billion dollar company. Just the sound of his name makes men's blood boil in jealousy and women to go to long lengths just to get a second look back for his other worldly good looks. He's known to be a player and getting every woman he wants with just a sn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Fantasy | Completed
    59.6K 3.7K 90

    Cover credits: @Ethereal_Solare's This cover is absolutely beautiful Also known as, "Officially Broken." A girl named Audrey who is forced to marry her best friends boyfriend. Caution: Horrible grammar read at your own risk ⚠️

  • Yours Faithfully
    2M 55.2K 38

    Highest Ranking: #4 in Romance #1 in forcedlove Please read 'Yours Forcefully' before reading this book. ----------------------------------------- After a forced marriage, Maisie is trying hard to cope up with her Possessive, controlling, dominating husband - Lucifer Knight. With...

  • Officially Fixed | Completed
    8.1K 362 25

    This is the second book ready Officially Broken first if you haven't already! The third book is in here as well.