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  • The Sun's Light
    228K 12.9K 12

    Shehryaar Shah, a business mogul with a family that prides over their traditions and rich heritage. The man exudes power yet isn't arrogant. The man holds the whole family together but what happens when a young maid, a scared little girl arrives at his house with her sister. Dive into their life and find out, "What...

  • His Stubborn Beauty (US#2)
    402K 19.6K 18

    (UFW sequel#1) (Unwanted series#2) Sania, a girl who hated men, a girl who lived in village, a girl who was abused by her father, a girl who was very stubborn, a girl who can do everything to give all the women of her village their rights. Zain, a rich man, CEO of his father company which was now touching sky because...

  • EVERLASTING PASSION (published story)
    165K 11.2K 44

    The complete book is available at Dreame. "Your innocence draws me to you like moth drawn to flames." "I want to drop all the veils of decency and pass all the limits with you." "You will only think of me! Only me and instil it in your mind, you are mine!" They met in unexpected circumstances. She was like the pure l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Imperfect Marriage (Completed)
    780K 28.9K 21

    "Bu...But we are married" I tried to defend myself "But I don't consider you my wife, get the hell out of my room" He yelled I couldn't help but just stare him "You Bloody whore , get out" He slammed the door in front of me as hard as he could. "I hate you" I muttered under my breathe Zara Haider , a 28 year old c...

  • Be mine {Completed}✔
    2.8M 120K 32

    Stay in your limits. Don't think that I don't know anything. I cannot forget what you and your mother did to me and with my sister. Be there where you are." He said and I held the wall to stop myself from falling. "One more thing,never again do it. Never touch my things again."He said and a tear escaped from my eyes t...

  • Ehsaas....a feeling
    437K 27.3K 45

    #11 in What's hot list so far 20/07/2018. Thank you so much my beautiful readers. A simple middle class girl who lost both of her parents..and there's no one to stay beside her, to whom she can call her own is left alone in this crucial world. A boy who is cold hearted,arrogant..doesn't care for anyone except his fami...