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  • Revenge (CarlosXreader)
    2.2K 132 7

    After running from an enraged Nemesis and civilians infected by the leaked virus. One of Umbrella's leading scientists, (Y.N) finds herself under the protection of Carlos Oliveira, an Umbrella operative. Together they run from their new enemy after their betrayal of staying loyal to Umbrella Corp. It's time for Umbrel...

  • Ties That Bind (Sam Bridges x Reader)
    8.6K 415 11

    After Y/N is rescued from her bike accident by Sam Bridges, she finds herself increasingly connected to a man she only knows by reputation. --- A/N: This is my first ever fanfic for Death Stranding. It's a reader-insert that follows the plot. The only canon divergence is probably the timing of certain events! Hopefu...

  • Death Stranding Oneshots
    1.1K 33 3

    I've had some ideas for some DS oneshots for a while, so better now than never. These include: Sam Porter Bridges Higgs Monaghan Others may include (but less frequently): Heartman Cliff Unger Others could be done through requests. Swearing? Likely Cargo? Hoarding Lemons? Maybe Hotel? Trivago

  • multi fandom imagines
    4.4K 98 14

    [ SLOW UPDATES ] in which i write about fictional characters (and actors) who don't even know i exist :) STARTED: JULY 2019 ENDED: ?????

  • Kingdoms Come: The Hidden Enemy
    181 27 13

    Estherlan is a kingdom that has stood for hundreds of years. Divided into individual clans and united under a central ruler, the kingdom was begun to oppose the hostile Cirith Empire and its rapid expansion. After years of hard fought war, a miraculous victory over Cirith established Estherlan as the main kingdom on A...

  • Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade
    6.5K 340 10

    It all started with that damn art review. You praised his work, and in turn, he praised you.