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  • The Texas Robot Massacre
    14 5 2

    A constructor from Texas confronts thousands of robots and becomes god like with his slaying abilities.

  • Better Than The Alternative
    6.7K 311 12

    It's here, the Apocalypse. In the attempt to go back and fix time, Five makes a "small" error in the calculations. Probably because Dolores wasn't there to help. What's this, oh shit, it's Japan! What absolute J O Y . Behold, the first-ever Umbrella Academy and Boku No Hero Academia crossover! Hide the children! Buckl...

  • Gyakusatsu-BNHA
    79.3K 3.5K 81

    Gyakusatsu- slaughter "Hey, why are you becoming a hero?" "For fun." Death, rebirth, regeneration, comedy, references, crack, romance! It's all here and you shouldn't miss it or your skull will serve as a soup bowl. Comment, vote, whatever! Please, I'm so bored. Join the official Discord Server I created in a day and...