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  • Where Are You?
    617 20 8

    Taehyung might be the reason you'd want to live again. warnings: death, themes of suicide, ghost activities

  • Connection || BTS Jungkook ✔️
    80K 2.2K 17

    A red string-invisible to all mortal beings-connects the souls of soulmates, tying them together for eternity. The connection of the red string allows soulmates to psychically communicate. They have the ability to show each other memories, things they've seen or songs they've heard as well as talking without worrying...

  • Jimin x Reader Soulmate AU
    114K 2.2K 21

    When your soulmate's name slowly inscribes within one of your wrists. Park Jimin always thought he was never going to meet his soulmate. I mean, even the world's most famous company SoulMate Co. established it was almost impossible to meet your special one by the time you reached 21. (L/n) (y/n) thought they wouldn't...

  • That vacation~ [Taehyung X reader]
    519 44 15

    The vacation that changed the life of a local girl, y/n, and her friend.

  • Anpanman (Adopted by BTS) -On Hold-
    1.2K 31 12

    After another hard day at school getting bullied, Y/n comes home to bad news. Her parents are moving, and putting her up for adoption. After a few weeks at the orphanage, she realizes that getting someone to be her friend would be impossible. Everyone there was mean to her, and it seemed they would never accept her. L...

  • Can I Be Your Boyfriend?
    2.4K 87 16

    Y/n is very insecure because she was born different. Now, most people who were born different had medical problems. But not Y/n, her problem was with genetics. See she was born with wolf ears and a tail. She tries to hide it the best she can, but when someone pulls off her hat in the cafeteria and he crush, Namjoon Ki...

  • Fifteen | Suga x Reader
    271K 9.1K 10

    Y/n is a fifteen year old girl. She's a fan of BTS and her bias is Suga. Suga is a twenty-four year old guy. A member of BTS. One day, he fell in love with her... (No smut) 2017

  • coffee ; jin x reader
    57.9K 2.2K 31

    you're a girl who meets a guy running from crazy fangirls. warning: cringey newbie writing currently editinggg #35 in coffee #10 in roses #13 in café #65 in korea #5 in seoul #367 in chicklit #828 in seokjin #945 in comedy

  • Handsome Inside ✔️
    1.3K 49 4

    "Y/N, do you think I'm handsome?" "For me, I'm more interested in the person within." • Kim Seokjin • Completed on 04.08.2018 • Edited