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  • Peachy
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    Once The Ancient One notices Stephen has quickly advanced to her level of magic, she decides it's time for Stephen to go to a school for gifted children. Stephen accepts his new fate and enlists. He is immediately accepted. He can't wait to see what new opportunities lie ahead, and see what new friends he has yet to...

  • Cereal
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    Fury decides that what these gifted students need is a huge reality check, just to knock them down a notch. So, soon, Stephen, Tony, Thor, Loki, Nat, Clint, Bruce and Wanda are packing their bags and heading off undercover to St Vista's boarding school, about to face head on what life is actually like. -Ironstrange-

  • Trapped Inside a Web of Lies
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    "I'm on my way!" I take off my spiddy mask as I wait for a reply on the other end. "I was actually calling to say, maybe you shouldn't come, here, listen..." Ned's voice fades as I hear music. "When I say Penis, you say Parker! Penis! Parker! Penis! Parker!" A tear stings my eye and I clench my fist.

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    In which few know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and even fewer know that he is transgender. --------------------------------------------------------------------- *Sorta slow updates, but I'm getting there

  • man up; trans peter parker
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    "im afraid i cant 'man up' mister stark." "you are the manliest man i know, peter now man. up." in which peter parker is a struggling transgender and is in love with an oc hero of mine.

  • Take A Hint
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    | Cover by @Dat_Crankler_Doe | Ever since he's met Stephen Strange, Tony has been trying his best to get friendly with him. Well, more than friendly. Too bad that the Sorcerer Supreme seems to be completely clueless when it comes to Tony's subtle (or not so subtle) attempts to show him. Thank god that Wong catches on...