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  • Mystical words
    514 118 35

    Not the usual love or heartbreak poems, Some really deep and sensitive wounds that are unheard and unseen. Of course there are some love poems but they are on different level.

  • Danganronpa: Class A Despair
    1.7K 72 7

    16 students are in for the class of their lives, but some would be left behind like dead weights. Monokuma has found a fresh batch of students for his new killing game and their whole school year takes a turn for the worst. Class A is full! ●●● WARNING: OC deaths, executions, and despair! THE STORY/PLOT WRITTEN IS MIN...

    54 4 4

    What happens when any class gets start thinking of or imagining different things. Well, for us, it couldn't get any better without jotting down our imagination to form a weird story. And if you are bored, you have come to the perfect destination- The World Of Crazy Imaginative Minds. So buckle up to v...

  • Soulmate Support Group
    55 15 4

    soulmate support group In this huge world, no one is truly alone. when - Friday every week where - the god building - room 105 fee - 10$ per person. topic - Any sort of trauma regarding your soulmate (death, sickness, abuse, ect.) Contact: phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx email: Issac posted the flyer on th...

  • Who Killed Jang Wonyoung? || IZ*ONE Interactive Fic
    66.5K 3.1K 24

    11 suspects. 10 innocent. 1 guilty. 1 dead. 1 killer. The question still stands: who killed Jang Wonyoung?

  • The Sketchbook
    4.3K 83 13

    Izuku midoryia was born with a rather odd quirk: Sketch Book. it is able to create whatever he draws