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  • Jaya Oneshots
    17.3K 462 30

    basically what the title says #jayamoments *warning* I don't know if this book series/oneshots is going to be cute moments or sad moments or both There may be a chapter or 2 about self harm but I would give a warning before head of time. I hope you enjoy this book/oneshot Credits to bugjamboree for book cover

  • Misunderstandings
    16.5K 521 17

    Jay and Nya's secret relationship takes a turn for the worse when the guys go behind Jay's back and surprise both Jay and Nya, but not surprise them in a good way. What happened, and can Jaya be reunited? I do not own any artwork or pictures in this story.

  • What to do now
    5.6K 183 14

    What happened to the remaining Ninja after the incident? What will they do? How will they handle it? This is after SONS OF GARMADONS SO SPOILERS FOR THAT SEASON. I DO NOT OWN NINJAGO!!!!! Art by-

  • ^Jaya Oneshots^
    27.8K 880 29

    This is the book with all Jay x Nya oneshots. I may do request if you would like, but I have some rules. 1. No Lemons/Smuts 2. There has to be Jaya That's my only requirments! I hope y'all will enjoy this mad world of Ninjago Jaya!!!

  • Death to the Ninja
    4.5K 207 14

    A still - alive Harumi causes an "accident" in order for the Ninjago civilians to hate the ninja. This not only destroys Ninjago City, but drives Nya and Jay apart as well. One year later, Anya shows up again, and explains everything. But will the ninja act against Harumi in time, or are they as good as dead?