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  • Stolen Royalty (A Herobrine Novella)
    806 134 8

    It's said that humans can change. Even the worst of them can change if given time and reason. But with the throne of platinum broken and smashed, Herobrine's forced reign over the Nether begins. Fear spreads over the netheranian terrain as the people would rather bow to a killer than risk more senseless slaughter. Hum...

  • 30 Stories, 30 Lives (Writing Challenge)
    1.2K 245 31

    They said it couldn't be done. To write 30 different stories in 30 days. But now it's time to prove that it is possible. Cause doing the impossible is fun :D But yeah! 30 Day Writing Challenge, I'm doing it again, so LEZ GO!

  • despondency ; setosolace
    1.3K 96 1

    "He is real, and I know it." | setosolace one shot | | the drawing of seto and brice does not belong to me |

    Completed   Mature
  • online ; setosolace
    22.6K 1.7K 45

    Who says you can't fall in love with a person within a week? | setosolace texting au |

  • one shots and poems
    358 42 19

    Look at the title. Self explanatory. I write one shots and poems. You can read these if you want. They'll be pretty bad tbh, I've got no experience. If you wanna read something, just ask. I'll see what I can do.

  • Dangan Ronpa Wattpaders (DISCONTINUED)
    1.3K 135 18

    (DISCONTINUED- maybe I'll return to it) "We're all related to that Jesus Rodriguez, a bartender in Chicago." "Pandas are lit!" "In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, so party like there is no tomorrow." "She lived. She died. She's forgotten." "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, the devil...

  • My Drawings
    4.5K 309 79

    This is a book with my drawings. I thought since people are doing it, why not I do it. Basically, my drawings.

  • Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
    4.4M 193K 35

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Daniel Evans is trying not to let his crush on Jonah Clarke get in the way of their new found friendship, because Jonah Clarke is definitely not gay. Placed third in the Valentine's Day Contest hosted by @taygetsthegay

  • Soundtrack - A Collection of Song-Fics
    212 12 5

    "Soundtrack - A Collection of Song-Fics" is exactly what the name says: a bunch of short stories based on songs. The book was originally known as "Random Writes - Random Story Ideas," but I've decided to make it solely song-fiction stories. Let the theories rain on, fellow Wattpadians, and if you see any mistakes or...

  • I Blame My Evil Clone
    11.3K 577 14

    Sky has been acting like a total jerk lately. Burning down Ty's house, killing Jeffery and Dillon... But maybe it's not his fault?

  • Alternate Worlds (a skydoesminecraft story)
    30K 683 14

    Meet Skydoesminecraft, a popular squid lover that had just gotten home from his huge adventure. When he got home, something was different. A leader called 'the big explosion', had taken over their lives, and they now had 'owners', who had complete power over them. Sky's 'owner' was a 19 year old college student named...

  • The Beast(skydoesminecraft fanfiction )
    1.5K 35 8

    Sky was captured by the squid and completely change him,his friends thought it was just a normal.Oh Squids capture Sky.But they are so wrong...instead the mastermind tranformed sky into what he used to be.

  • Merome-Your not alone anymore
    106K 2.6K 21

    Will Jerome ever find true love? Or will the bullies from his childhood be right ahout his life and be 'Forever Alone'? Read to find out!

  • Lapis Love or Butter Hate ~SkyDoesMinecraft~
    90.1K 1.9K 37

    LibbyLovesLapis goes with her friends to PAX. There, she meets CaptainSparklez, The Creatures, and SkyDoesMinecraft. Sky hates her because she is a lover Lapis, just like the Squids. She loves him, but knows she'll never get him to like her in any sort of way. Plus, with her best friends on her back about it, and her...

  • When Squids Strike!! with Sky & Friends
    1K 11 3

    This is the sequel of the video When Squids Strike! Join Sky & friends as they venture out to the Squid Dimension!

  • Adventure Awaits To Be Found; A Three Friend Adventure, Sky Deadlox Minecraft Universe
    24.8K 541 25

    ••Completed••Sky, deadlox and minecraft universe meet the squid general and Herobrine! What could possibly happen? Find out in Adventure Awaits to Be Found!

  • Takeover -Squid/Sky Fan-Fic-
    1.7K 104 4

    "All of this mess started with Basher and a stupid bet. "Let's play truth or dare," he said, "It'll be fun," he said. I had to admit, it WAS pretty fun. But its consequences were out of the jar. I didn't know that my dare would cause an entire revolution. A SQUID revolution." One mistake, lead to a big catastrophe.

  • Team Crafted Truth or Dare (DISCONTINUED)
    9.8K 182 16

    Read the title

  • Squids,Love,Butter
    34.8K 740 37

    Sky is taken by squids and has lost him memory can Deadlox save Sky before he kills everyone? Or will Sky be with the squids forever?

  • One Chance: The Story of SkyDoesMinecraft
    31.2K 619 20

    The squid army has created a new weapon that they have used to reverse Sky's past! Now, Sky comes into a world where a squid is in his place, and none of his friends know him. He must join together with the most unlikely of friends to save Minecraftia and regain his identity of SkyDoesMinecraft. But what he doesn't kn...

  • Experiment 225 (An Enderlox, Skybrine, and WitherMU fanfic){Hiatus until Christmas}
    46.7K 965 22

    Three boys, Sky, Jason, and Ty. All with unique powers. They team up with each other and friends along the way to defeat the squids. But will all three boys make it out of the war alive?

  • Squids! ( a skydoesminecraft story)
    29.4K 558 12

    "Deadlox!" I yelped as he was sent flying straight into the air. Deadlox was kidnapped by Squids, again. Sometimes I think, 'does Deadlox want this to happen to him?' I rubbed my head with a butter napkin as the beads of sweat rolled down my forehead. COPYRIGHT ©SkyArmyRecruit

  • Love & Lies <コ:彡 Team Crafted Fan Fiction (w/ SkyDoesMinecraft)
    43.1K 871 60

    What happens when Minecon is held in London? Some pretty cool stuff. But what happens when the Team return to LA? Their lives are turned up-side-down! Read this amazing story about Azalea and Shadow, best friends, who go to live with Team Crafted after a meet-up at Minecon. But that isn't all that happens, it turns ou...

  • His Smile (a Minecraft Universe fanfic)
    15.5K 340 17

  • Skylox: Just two friend
    1.1K 44 3

    First Ty and his brother lost there parents thenTy's brother lost his gf and started getting drunk and using Ty as his gf in an abusive way but will sky save him...or will they both fall together?

  • Waste of Air 2 (Skylox) - New Dimensions
    377K 8K 61

    ~Sequal to Waste of Air~ Ty and Sky might finally have a chance at a happy life together - Luke is gone, Ty is out of depression and everything seems right as rain. But that's boring. Ty and Sky have a lot more to go through. Apon meeting an old enemy, and a new one, can they survive the challenges once again? Toget...

  • I'm a Squid?!(Hybrid!Skylox w/ Various Other Ships)
    24.4K 619 12

    Deadlox has recently discovered he is a hybrid.An enderdragon hybrid to be specific. After all that's happened his parents decide to send him off to a Hybrid boarding school,made specifically to hide hybrids from humans. When he arrives he discovers its just like any other high school,with it's cliques and outcasting...

  • Words Unspoken {SKYLOX}
    5.7K 151 3

    Ty refuses to confess his love for sky. Dawn abuses him in drunken states. Things go down. Skylox. Yeah. AmyTheRavenclaw as Ty and Jessobecka as Adam I didn't know what to put here.....