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  • Seducing Mr. Lexthor Vergara
    2.4M 45.6K 37

    Lex became a heartless woman-hater playboy since the day his soon-to-bride left him without any reason. That woman inflicted a big part of his heart. Nawalan na siya ng tiwala sa lahat ng babae mula noon. Para sa kanya laruan na lamang nag mga ito. Kagaya ng ginawa sa kanya. He don't do girlfriend anymore. Di na rin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 9: Carter Altaraza
    3.5M 227K 62

    TEASER: He's dangerous and lethal. He was trained in unarmed and armed combat. Carter Altaraza is very known for being wrathful in battlefield. But no matter how deadly he is, he can't escape the fact that he's silently living in the dark and secretly battling with his own invisible wound. All that he wanted is someon...

    4.6M 37.3K 5

    R18. Threesome. Collaboration with Cecelib and Makiwander

  • TEMPTATION ISLAND: Hard and Ruthless
    473K 6.1K 1

    Temptation Island | Collaboration with Cecelib and Makiwander | 18+ advised

  • BBC 1: Seducing Danrick Hidalgo
    17.1M 349K 47

    College days pa lang niya, pinagnanasaan na ni Jeasabelle si Danrick Hidalgo. Hindi niya matandaan kung ilang beses siyang nagpapansin sa lalaki. Kulang na lang magsplit siya sa harap nito, pero deadma ang otoko. Nag-give up na lang siya. Narealize niyang di pasado ang beauty niya sa Filipino-Spanish beefcake na pinag...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ruthless Beauty
    1.5M 25.2K 7

    The Hunk Society Series. Collab w/ Whroxie. 18+ advised.

  • CLUB RED 3: VIO (Sunset And You) Published, 2015. COMPLETED.
    138K 3.8K 74

    Club Red Book 3. NOTE TO READERS: UNEDITED version po ni Vio ang mababasa n'yo. 'Wag magulat sa mga typos and other error. :) Available in ebook: Paperback:

  • Freed Souls
    480K 45.8K 20

    Book 3 of The Souls Trilogy

  • Death Mark (Complete)
    50.3K 1.9K 37

    FOR BOOK VERSION: Find/buy a copy of LARA'S MARK (Death Mark and Karugtong Ng Isang Pag-ibig/Loving Lara in one book) Death Mark Revisited. Dugo. Marka. Galit. Pag-ibig Kamatayan.

  • Favorite Addiction
    595K 10.1K 2

    He's Addicted to her. Would he risk everything to have her? Human calls it incest, Vixon called it Addiction. He knew that he is addicted to GK, his half-sister. He knew its more than lust, more than bloodlust and more than family ties. He knew ... Only he who knew. The night that Vixon found out that GK will be wed t...

  • Azir COMPLETE.
    116K 3.3K 48

    Club Red book 6

    29.1M 1.3M 76

    When a philandering butler realizes his romantic feelings towards the spoiled and pompous ass Marquess Jacques Sotello, will he have the guts to admit his change of heart or will he forever keep it hidden? ******* Good-looking and highly efficient as a butler, Cloud Sebastian Beaumont thought that he had life figure...

    Completed   Mature
    42.4M 977K 51

    Iris Gonzaga-Racini had made peace with her unusual life. Married, but miserable and lonely, Iris vowed to live life to the fullest. When she is invited to an island where even the most depraved desire can become reality, she can't say no. ****** Many would consider Iris Gonzaga-Racini a fortunate woman to be Niccolo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Desiring Her
    43.5M 1M 57

    Berry Lacsamana had given up on life. But when she one day wakes up in a strange bed with someone calling her his wife, her life begins to take a different path. ****** When Berry Lacsamana wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize, hooked up to medical machines, confusion and anxiety consume her. Deepening Berry's fea...

    Completed   Mature
  • TDBS1: Darkest Touch - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB Bare)
    20.1M 436K 23

    SYNOPSIS: KUNG may katawang tao ang tsismis, ang magiging pangalan niyon ay Jan Irish. She was a gossip eater and spreader. It's her job and nobody could stop her. Kaya nga pinili ni Jan Irish na maging Journalist para legal na makapag-tsismis sa iba ng mga alam niyang sekreto. She loved her job more than anything...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Broken Man's Affliction - COMPLETED
    49.8M 1.4M 69

    WARNING: R-18 | SPG | Mature Content THE BROKEN MAN'S AFFLICTION "It hurts to have someone in your heart and in your mind all the time, but you can never, ever, have them in your arms and in your life even how much hard you try." - Blaze Vitale

    Completed   Mature
  • TDBS2: Wicked Encounter - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB Bare)
    18.8M 408K 24

    SYNOPSIS: Nykyrel Guzmano was like a phantom. He hides away from the shadows and control people from the dark corner of his huge mansion. He's the owner of Guzmano Corporation yet nobody had seen him, not even his shadow. Some believed that he was a man near to the grave, a man who's ugly and scared to be mocked. He w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Broken Soul's Plea - COMPLETED
    39.3M 1.1M 55

    'The person who piece my broken soul together is the reason why i'm broken." - Blake Vitale ***** Blake Vitake was a mess. Alam niyang para siyang bomba na malapit nang sumabog. He can even hear the ticking of the clock in his head, the time bomb in his soul. Pero pilit siyang kumakapit, pilit siyang lumalaban para sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Governor (Del Franco #1)
    1.6M 55K 17

    Nikolas Matteo Del Franco is the eldest son of former Governor Leonardo Del Franco and veteran actress Emilia David. He grew up with people expecting him to be like his father. Lahat ng kanyang gagawin ay pinapanood ng maraming mga mata. He wanted to be a pilot but his father did not allow him to choose for himself. N...

  • POSSESSIVE 20: Andrius Salazar (COMPLETED)
    48.8M 972K 39

    SYNOPSIS: All his life, Andrius Salazar only wanted three things. A peaceful life that he plans to live to the fullest, he wanted to be left alone by his family to do things his way and he wanted his mother not messing with his life. But he learned in a hard way that those three things were not easy to have. Especiall...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Magic: Teach (COMPLETED)
    393K 10.5K 17

    Teaser: Paano kung ang nagtuturo ang tuturuan kung paano magmahal? NOTE: Nov. 2, 2018 Happy reading everyone!

  • Territorial Men 8: Kielton Grande
    5.4M 205K 39

    WARNING: Mature Content | R-18 | SPG | TEASER: A rebellious son from one of the most influential family in the Country, Kielton Grande seeks for his freedom in his own freaking way. He left his luxurious life and choose to stay his feet on the ground and live his life the way he wanted it to be. Musika ang dahilan kun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Creed's Lover (COMPLETED) - PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB BARE
    23.2M 501K 37

    NOTE: SPG/R-R18 Dahil sa isang kasinungalingan, nagawang akitin ni Lockett si Creed Santillana, isang sikat na Phiotographer. At dahil din sa kasinungalingan iyon, naangkin siya ng binata. Akala ni Lockett ay walang halaga ang nangyari sa kanila ni Creed dahil kinaumagahan pagkatapos siya nitong angkinin, nag-offer i...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Prince Who Stole My Glass Slippers (Prince Series #1)
    18.2M 721K 66

    In fairy tale, it is always the prince who will bring back your missing slipper. He will kneel in front of you with a sweetest smile on his face, treating you like a princess. But what happened to my prince? Running away, stealing my precious glass slippers.. Highest rank: #1 Ended: August 10, 2017 Cover is not mine...

  • Falling For Marlon Aiken [Published]
    3.6M 91.7K 15

    Sa unang pagkakataon sa buhay ni Marjorie Torres Ortinez, nagkagusto siya sa isang lalaki. Hindi maalis ang mata niya sa lalaki kaya naman ginawa niya ang lahat para malaman ang pangalan nito. Nang malaman niya, para siyang stalker na dumadaan sa bar nito araw-araw para batiin ito ng 'hi'. Hindi niya alam kung ilang...

  • Moonlight Blade (Gazellian Series #4)
    6.9M 361K 53

    My deepest cut will always come from your blade... Cover is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.

  • Falling for Mr. Bouncer - Published!
    3.8M 99.3K 18

    Gilen Ramirez is a happy-go-lucky- kind of woman. She always had a food in her bag. She doesn't care what other people think of her as long as she knew that she's not doing anything wrong. But what everyone doesn't know is behind her happy-go-lucky attitude hides a very serious woman who knows how to use a gun. Kaino...

  • Not In The Contract - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB BARE)
    19.6M 416K 26

    NOTE: SPG/R-18 Clarianette Honey is living the dream. She's happy until her parents dropped a bomb that destroyed her perfect world. She had to marry a man she doesn't even know exist. For her family, she accepted the marriage. Fortunately for her, pinayagan siya ng magiging 'asawa' niya na mag-aral sa abroad. But no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Island Trap (Book 1 of Trap Trilogy)
    1M 121K 33

    What Sidra Everleigh wants, Sidra Everleigh gets-or at least that was the rule before she found herself trapped and alone with a shy Japanese guy in an isolated island with nothing but a dusty tent, some tuna cans, and their huge language barrier. *** After a cruise ship incident, the gorgeous yet infamous actress Sid...

  • Territorial Men 7: Howell Banchero
    6.4M 210K 50

    Successful yet snobbish, that's how most people describe the hottie doctor, Howell Banchero. He's determined to continue his family's legacy and just when he thought that everything's according to plan, an unexpected night turns his world upside down. Can Howell fix it before things go out of hand? *** Howell Banchero...

    Completed   Mature