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  • A Bad Dream
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    *Featured by official JustWriteIt account* What happens to a suicidal girl, who only holds on to the real world through a character from a manga, when she learns that he is dead? Note- contains references to depression and self harm

  • Love's Like That
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    Love is definitely a wonderful thing. It can bring light to the darkest of hearts, and happiness to the saddest minds. The coldest places can be warmed by the power of love. Here, I have compiled a collection of heart touching stories- some real, some imaginary, some even from alternate universes- all celebrating the...

  • Life Of Mischief
    3.5K 849 36

    "I mean, having the Norse God of Mischief as your godfather would be pretty cool, but only if he existed." If asked, Warina Summers would define her life as "shitty". She isn't far from wrong. That's how any orphan with no relatives concerned for her well being, who's bullied in school and who has a huge, hopeless cru...

  • The ETrident Awards
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    [Closed] Welcome to the ETrident awards 2019!!! Participants are Requested To read the rules first and then fill up the forms. All types of story shall be taken into consideration Let's find how much your story is loved !! Hope you enjoy the competition!! ...