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  • ACADEMIA: Finding The Lost Princess
    3M 82.7K 41

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK PLEASE. - - Academia is a World where magics exist... The Queen of Light Academia born a Child who have a Powerful Magic. She is the strongest of them all. One day, A war came so they fight but After the war, The Princess is gone... -- • Completed Highest rank achieved - #5 in Fantasy Started:...

  • That Nerd has a Secret (PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM)
    18.8M 675K 74

    She's no gangster nor a mafia. Neither a lost princess or a goddess or whatever. She's not a wizard or a guardian or other magical stuffs that exist in fantasies. Not an assassin or a model or a spy and whatever. Powerful? Well, why don't you see for yourself? Another nerd story? Why don't you read it first before yo...

  • Curse of the Unholy Crystal
    13.4M 189K 31

    Yelena Taylor has always felt like an outcast of both worlds. She researched for years to find a way to open the portal towards the diverse world where she originally came from; Animus, Land of Magic hoping she'll find what she's seeking. Opportunity came and a mysterious woman approached, telling she'll open the port...