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  • dream team oneshots
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    Yeah, oneshots. Or, since its my writing, oneshits. Any who, I WILL write smut, but only if someone requests it. Otherwise, I mostly write fluff. leave requests in my messages or on my profile, as I am more likely to see them there. Cover is not my art. Any art in this book is not mine because i cannot draw. All credi...

  • skeppy badboyhalo and a6d go to IKEA
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    just your regular fanfic of [404 error: the requested file/the_trio.jpeg/is missing]. nothing to see here. ok

  • SLEEP TOMMY || ☁️ Sleepyboys ☁️
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    A series of events where influencer TOMMY attommyinnit refuses to go to bed. Will he go to bed? who knows story includes: swearing possible bullying of young children(not likely) men sleeping pigs fluff sleeping awful writing written as a joke by me

  • DISCONTINUED "The forest isn't the only beautiful thing here" Chaostwt ships
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    There was a summer camp out in the woods. Not many people ended up going to this camp, but there were still a few souls that ended up lingering about. They all gave themselves nicknames, which they went by for the whole summer. Join as Skeppy, Halo, a6d, Dream, George, (he didn't give himself a nickname) and Sapnap ca...

  • The boy down the road
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    I try to roll out of bed but somehow fall onto the floor. I don't even know sometimes. I look up at my clock to see it's one minute past seven. For fuck sake. You see this is why I should invest in an alarm clock. Or at least use my phone alarm. Your phone is always dead Shut up sub-conscience. Honestly. As you might...

  • A Bromance to Remember
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    {Completed} This is a PLATONIC Dream Team story, so no ships here. Just some dudes hanging out and causing trouble. Keep in mind: this is a FICTIONAL story, meaning that the events that this story entails never actually occurred. If any of the people mentioned throughout the story express discomfort with this story or...