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  • Bite Me
    11.8K 562 39

    Anyone and everyone is invited to the Valentine Manor. But once you enter our domain, there's no turning back. You have to take the torture to survive. Or just die, which is a very pathetic choice, but thanks for the free dinner! So... ARE YOU READY TO GET BITTEN? ‪#‎BiteMe‬

  • Battle Of The Editors (Book Cover Contest)
    8.7K 306 22

    Are you willing to put your editing skills to the test? come and join our Graphic Contest! All Editors are welcome of joining. START (April 30,2016) END (-------)

  • Senpai's Graphic Contest
    6.8K 343 44

    Calling all the Graphic Designers here in Watty! Beginner? Amateur? or Pro? Welcome kayo dito! "Senpai's Graphic Contest" is now Closed and the Contest is on-going

  • Spectre: A Graphic Competition
    5.6K 202 30

    Any graphic editor who wants to join are welcome! Are you ready to face the spectre? Judges: @KaiKaura, @tinkeobell, and @echoseraaah; @WeTheScratches is our collaboration account Elimination Round: Part 1 ♦DONE | December 5, 2015♦ Elimination Round- Part 2: The He-men ♦IN-PROGRESS♦ One On One Round: The Future Recre...