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  • In Family we Trust - SuperCorp
    16.9K 426 16

    The ghost whisperer-like AU that also complies with canon (for the most part)

  • Of Love we are Worthy - SuperCorp
    10.9K 282 17

    The ghost whisperer-like AU that gradually detaches itself from canon. (Direct sequel to 'In Family we Trust')

  • The Death of Supergirl
    37.9K 899 17

    Kara dies defending a hate filled Lena. Lena's whole outlook changes

  • You are the fire (I'm your gasoline)
    32.8K 1K 10

    Lena forgets all about the stars and how pretty they are at the sight of Kara laughing, because even in the bad torch lighting, Kara is prettier than all the stars combined. Something twists in Lena's stomach. She wants to lean forward and press her lips against Kara's, and she almost does, but then she realizes what...

  • Deadly Beautiful (SuperCorp Medieval AU)
    94.8K 4.3K 63

    Set in a medieval era with tournaments, gladiators, and kings; Lena Luthor is the Crown Princess of a small kingdom and the heir to her brother Lex Luthor. He has been a tyrant to their people since he rose to power in the wake of his their father's suspicious death. Lex drags Lena to the despised gladiators despite h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Knight of Kandor
    110K 5.2K 42

    Kara Zorel Ward's life was turned up side down by circumstances out of her control. She had to hide who she was to save her life and her parents. Now the secrete kept her on constant guard but who would question the best knight in all the realm. Certainly no man would accept the fact that a women could possibly best t...

    Completed   Mature
  • [SuperCorp] Ascendio [Finished]
    64.8K 2.4K 23

    [hogwarts AU) Kara has every reason to hate the triwizard tournament. For one, it's the reason the house quidditch tournament is cancelled. But on the other hand, it brings Lena Luthor to Hogwarts, so Kara really can't be all that upset. Lena blows into Kara's final year at Hogwarts much like the winged horses that ca...

  • Woke the F*ck Up
    121K 4.5K 31

    "Ahh... Hi." Lena looks up at the blonde woman, expecting a fan that recognized her, she raises an eyebrow. "Umm... all the tables are taken up and the inside is full too. So do you mind if I sit with you? I mean I guess I could just go home but I was kind of looking forward to reading at my favorite Cafe on a beautif...

    Completed   Mature
  • Next of Kin - SuperCorp
    368K 12.1K 38

    Trailer for this fic done by the incredibly talented @Jeeeenifer30 : When Kara and Lena go out to celebrate Kara's front page story all starts out well but tragedy ensues. This will send Kara into a tailspin of rage. She'll need her friends and family, question who matters to her in life...

  • I Always Want You
    160K 7K 26

    "Golly! Where are my manners? I'm Kara! Kara Danvers!" Kara said, beaming at Lena. Lena felt her heart stop at the sheer brilliance of her smile. "I'm- I'm really sorry for what happened out there- I- Mon-El thought it'd be funny to take Winn's wand and- well that wasn't fair and- I'm rambling aren't I?" She laughed. ...

  • The Professor - Reader/Katie Mcgrath Imagine
    40.6K 1.9K 17

    Katie takes a break from filming to be a guest professor for a class. Requested by: htx_jackie13

  • Persistent
    93.7K 3.5K 34

    Persistent: adjective 1. persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, persevering: 2. lasting or enduring tenaciously: 3. constantly repeated; continued. After a night of drinking Kara Danvers finds herself watching over Lena Luthor as she slept on her chest. When Kara thought she was do...

  • Unsupervised
    6.5K 465 21

    "When did you get to become so wise?" "Same way as anyone else," Lois replied sadly as she hugged Lena back, giving her a comforting squeeze to let her know she wasn't alone any more. "I had a really bad day. And a Super was involved." ........... Want to see the trailer (made by Jenny - big thanks to her!) for this s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Supercorp Diaries
    158K 5.5K 51

    A Supergirl and The Vampire Diaries crossover. In a world where Lena is Damon and Stefan's little sister what happens when she falls in love with a human. Mainly a supercorp story but has sub plots involving the other characters i use characters from both tv shows but i use none of the plot lines, as Kara is human...

  • The Alien Auction - Lena Luthor/Reader
    73.8K 3.8K 19

    You arrive in a world that is afraid of aliens. In order to contain them, they keep them chained, locked up and sold to the highest bidder to keep them as whatever they want. Science experiments, pets, girlfriends. It was up to the purchaser as long as the alien wasn't cut lose.

  • Forbidden Lovers - Reader/Katie McGrath
    7K 350 5

    You're a princess with a strict father. You hardly get to go out. It's why you decided to sneak out and see the town for yourself. That's where you met her, the baker's daughter Prompt by: lmaodrag15

  • Now if we're talking body
    398 28 1

    The club is loud and not Kara's usual scene. Lights flash and over the thumping music, people yell into each other's ears. It's almost oppressive. But it's been so long since she's done so that she's decided to give in and go out. She scans the bar for an open stool to sit and order a drink. Her mind is already set on...

  • It's a Luthor Life
    576 47 1

    You can't be in two places at once unless you're a being from the fifth dimension. Kara has just left Lena with a message about villainy and consequences, and we find out that while Mxy was taking Kara on a trek into her past, Lena was going on a journey of her own.

  • Falling for a Luthor (GXG) (SuperCorp AU)
    29.5K 1K 10

    Kara has had a massive crush on the school president Lena Luthor since forever, but she never had the guts to tell her or to do anything about it. So what happens when they meet a few years after graduation? Will kara finally open up about her feelings? Or will she be too afraid because she doesnt want to ruin everyth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine
    14.2K 626 15

    When Kara Danvers or Supergirl searches for the Vampire Queen to stop the bloodshed. Will things take a turn for the best or the worst? Supercorp

  • SuperCorp Christmas
    47.4K 1.3K 5

    Coming up to Christmas and Kara invites Lena to a party and things get fun, this will be veryyyyy gay. I also suck at writing :) but i love Supercorp..

  • The Wolf
    23.6K 947 10

    When Kara met Lena Luthor her whole world got turned upside down. The attraction between them was almost immediate. And to make matters stranger Lena carries a secret of her own.

  • Claimed
    69.8K 1.9K 13

    Lena Luthor always gets what she wants. And she wants to claim Kara Danvers or Kara Zor-El, the cub reporter of Catco. After that terrible boyfriend is out of the way she has her chance. And the perfect opportunity comes up. Kara asks her to help with Catco since her rival Morgan Edge thinks about buying it. Supercorp

  • The Man
    23.7K 905 40

    What if after Kara flew Fort Rozz into space she woke up feeling different. And what if the whole world remembered her as Kyle and not as Kara? How is she going to fix it? And why did it happen?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Engagement - Reader/Katie McGrath
    44.3K 1.4K 11

    Katie and you have been dating for a while. Eventually, one of you proposes but the engagement is kept on the down low. Fans notice the ring on Katie's finger and start speculating who it could be. Prompt by: Zossuasdfgh

  • Confused Love - Reader/Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor Story
    21.3K 903 6

    The reader along with Kara and Lena are dating each other. They kept it a secret from everyone but it was hard to hide how much they loved each other. It isn't until their friends start believing that Kara is dating Lena or Reader is dating Kara. They all get together and soon realize they think that there are a total...

  • Sugar Baby - Reader/Lena Luthor (FxF)
    97.9K 3.9K 19

    You're Lena's sugar baby. At first, it's all about needing enough money to pay for college. You soon start to develop feelings for her. Things get complicated when people find out about the deal

  • Wish
    63.7K 2.3K 20

    When a fifth dimension's imp gives Kara one wish and she accidentally wishes for something when she gets mad at James her world turns up side down. Supercorp

  • A luthor and a super
    30.3K 701 11

    lena was arrested for a crime that she din't do but they where many proofs that could be used against her.. everyone believed she has helped her mother to break lex luthor free wich it supergirl job to find a way to break her loved one free again but it won't be easy when there is a timer if supergirl fail to save len...

  • Dating
    26.8K 773 9

    When Kara found out that Lena thought they were dating Kara quickly played along. But acting like you love somebody and actually fall in love with somebody are quite similar.