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  • Precious Jewel
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    [Mature Content] What do you do when everything is taken from you? After being arrested for her involvement in drugs, Jaanvi's life seemed to reach the dead end. Her ex-fiancé, Arjun had called off the wedding and her parents had disowned her. The people whom she truly loved, gave up and she saw no possibilities of ha...

  • Broken Jewel
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    "Eyes on me little one..." he hissed as he scanned her terror-stricken face. "Please don't do this to me.... I beg you!" she screamed as his fingers tightened around her throat. He was a celebrity with an inflated ego. He was arrogant, selfish and charming. He never compromised for anything in life. He believed that...

    Completed   Mature
  • ஆரோஹி
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  • கொற்றவை
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    சுடும் சூரியனும், நீர் காணா நிலமும், முள் படர்ந்த செடிகளும் சூழ்ந்திருக்க , ஓயாது ஊளையிடும் ஓநாய்களுக்கும், உண்ண புல் கூட இன்றி உடல் மெலிந்த புலிகளுக்கும் மத்தியில் வேர்வையில் ஊறிய முகமும், கொடும் பசியில் வறண்ட கண்களும் , கருந்தேகமும் வெண் மனதும் கொண்ட எயினரின் கதை.

  • Be mine {Completed}✔
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    Stay in your limits. Don't think that I don't know anything. I cannot forget what you and your mother did to me and with my sister. Be there where you are." He said and I held the wall to stop myself from falling. "One more thing,never again do it. Never touch my things again."He said and a tear escaped from my eyes t...