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  • Vodka Affect; A MJ & Peter Parker Story
    39.8K 1K 45

    These characters belong to Marvel not me 🔒WARNING🔒 Graphic Language usage MJ (Michelle Jones) & Peter Parker are close Friends but MJ starts to get to know Peter a little more. She starts to feel something for him but decides not to tell him. She can only think that it goes one way, so she tries to suppress her feel...

    Completed   Mature
  • "mistake" • spiderchelle
    169K 4.4K 83

    Peter Stark and Michelle Jones have made a "mistake" and decided to run away! If only they knew what would happen once they were gone.... inspired by the oneshot: "Dad... meet my kids" by @onedropstories [unedited , completed][other stories: Project Baby Spider * Peter Romanoff]

  • Instagram//Spideychelle
    131K 1.8K 31

    Just Peter and MJ using Instagram with friends.

  • Spideychelle Week 2k19
    3.4K 103 6

    A collection of works posted for Spideychelle Week, which took place prior to the release of Far From Home. Each work is based off of a different prompt, so hope you enjoy!

  • Warmth | Peter x Mj
    3.9K 146 3

    "In Michelle's case, she always finds herself longing for a smile from someone she tries to convince herself she's immune to. Might be a goofy little smile but she craves it nonetheless. It doesn't mean she wants to see him or anything. Or maybe it does."

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home
    46.5K 738 29

    This is my interpretation of the new Spider-Man movie. Tony is dead and Peter is taking it really hard. I think I'm gonna bring Thor and Shuri into it (or at least mention them) because if they don't meet in Avengers 4, I will riot. There is no smut or anything like that (since it seems that's all there is on this sit...

  • Spideychelle 2
    19K 340 17

    Second book to Spideychelle. Go check out my other story before reading this for it to make sense. - - - Just a carry on to Peter and MJ's life as now adults and parents...see all the difficulties they will have to face. (Please comment ideas on what to write and ideas, it will be appreciated)

  • Team Captain//spideychelle
    4.9K 111 4

    Michelle Jones takes the lead as the decathlon leader. Peter struggles to balance his secret and showing up to his academic activities. There's only one problem, someone knows his secret.

  • Color Me Enthused: A Spideychelle Soulmate AU
    13.2K 607 10

    In Michelle Jones's version of America, fate has decided to give humans a little helping hand when it comes to love. MJ lives in a world where there are soulmates, a world where love is decided for her. Soulmates are paired at birth, and they are joined together by a bond that cannot be broken: when something is drawn...

  • Spideychelle One-Shots
    30.9K 424 11

    Just your traditional one shot book with lots of cute fluff and other things in it. All abt Spideychelle ofc... Thank you for all of the views and votes!! Go check out my other story if ur a total drama fan. Comment ideas I'm welcome to new ones!

  • ~ 𝑺𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 ~
    24.1K 760 31

    (Spideychelle) Peter Parker wears a mask, both literally and figuratively. Every heartbreaking moment in his life tends to add another layer to his mask, because he believes no one else should have to carry his problems. That was until everything changed and yet another person in his life was taken from him. His mask...

  • Unofficial Dad Peter
    205K 6.5K 34

    Peter didn't stop the crime in time. That is how he is now responsible for a young girl who doesn't want to be away from him. ~~~~ The only character that is mine is Camryn. Everyone else is from Marvel

  • Spideychelle Instagram
    81K 1.4K 24

    Spideychelle/Peter Parker and Michelle Jones is my favorite ship at the moment, and I really love writing Instagram stories, so I decided that I would make one on the two of them and their friends! I do not own any of these characters, and all rights go to Marvel Studios for the characters (other than the random acco...

  • Through the Window | Peter x Mj
    95.9K 2K 14

    Spoilers for Endgame. When Peter needs to calm down or remember the good in the world, he turns to Michelle "Mj" Jones.

  • I want love | PeterMj
    38.1K 1K 15

    "you aren't dating me just because I am spiderman, right ?" The trials of school, love and second identify are hard enough of their own.put them all together and it's a catastrophe waiting to happen. But they can go through it together, right? Theme songs : -"I want love" by Elton John -"Michelle" by The Beatles ...

    138K 2.5K 10

    "Parker, it's three AM. Is this a booty call?" [POST-INFINITY WAR AU] STARTED - 29/5/18 FINISHED -

  • Spideychelle Instagram
    126K 2.3K 42

    I love these stories so I decided to try to write one😊 ❎DISCLAIMER❎ I do not own any of the characters. Please vote my story and read my other stories😄

  • Spider-Man & the Avengers One-Shots
    303K 7.2K 88

    One shots about ze fabulous avengers, actually it's mostly just spideychwlle Aaverage chap is around 1,200 words, hope you enjoy ✨ Requests most definitely taken Disclaimer: I do not own any Characters in twh MCU that all goes to marvel but all the one-shots are mine

  • eunoia || Peter Parker (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
    12.8K 928 14

    (Please read the first two books of the series: Lacuna and Hysteria) Peter Parker's life has been hard. And now, with police on his tail and a life he can't rebuild, it's only getting harder. He's on the run, nowhere to live and a new villain on his tail. Sure, he has allies, but his enemies are multiplying faster tha...

  • Still Thinking of a Name (Tomdaya) [Book 2]
    211K 2.8K 101

    Zendaya: It's been a couple of months since the breakup and Zendaya is enjoying her new found freedom. She's going out more, making new friends and also meeting new men but what happens when it's time to face Tom again when they begin filming for Spiderman 2. Tom: Tom's been work and family driven since the breakup. H...

  • The Secret About Us (Tomdaya)
    47.3K 758 12

    Zendaya is the school's smartest student and the most popular girl. Tom is the rebellious teen who was kicked out from a boarding school in London. The two have been in a secret relationship of sorts, only to be exposed. Now they have to deal with people's views and opinions on their relationship. And even though t...

  • Spider-Man: Fallen Hero
    2.9K 64 4

    Sequel to Spider-Man: Dark Web. Life for Peter Parker has gotten significantly better, he's with the woman of his dreams and he is one of the most popular kids I'm school. Not to mention that he has the most amazing family. But when a villian threatens to ruin everything he stands for will he be able to survive? You'...

  • Heartbreak (Michelle Jones & Peter Parker)
    128K 2.2K 40

    Michelle becomes closer to Peter after Liz left to live in a different state. She begins to feel special feelings towards him but does she tell him? In the meantime Michelle has to deal with Peter's random disappearances and works to uncover the truth. Rankings: #132 in homecoming #764 in michelle jones

  • A Beautiful Thing (Spideychelle) UNDER EDITING
    56.9K 1.4K 31

    When Michelle Jones falls of the Eiffel tower with only her friend Peter there to save her, things take a different turn as she is thrust into a world unlike the safety she knew filled with villans and heros. And how exactly will Mr Stark fare when the role of father figure is challenged

  • By Sunlight (P.P + M.J)
    54K 1.9K 49

    SEQUEL TO BY MOONLIGHT It's the holiday season in New York, and Peter Parker has been having a run of good luck in the months after the events with Lizard. While lights decorate the city, there's still crimes to be stopped by the fan-favorite Spiderman, and Peter couldn't be happier. He's with the girl of his dreams...

  • I am Michelle Jones
    18.7K 430 26

    Michelle Jones (MJ) is you average observer with a secret and a crush... And that crush just might be her "friend" Peter Parker. The real question is: Will she ever be able to tell him the truth?