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  • [To Live] T-B Hanako Kun x Reader
    936K 42.2K 41

    "My name is Hanako, the 7th wonder of this school! And you are....?" "I have a wish to make." Y/N cut in, forcing her fear far down. "Ah, straight to the point, are we~?" His amber eyes gleamed with interest. He floated closer to the girl. "And what would that wish be?" "Hanako-san," Y/N steadied her eyes on his wide...

  • The Ghost Boy (Hanako-Kun x reader)
    262K 8.7K 38

    "Rumor has it, that there are 7 mysteries inside this school!" The girl whispers to her friend. "It is said that if you uncover the truth behind these mysteries... something will occur" "You don't know them?" "Okay,I'll just tell you about one of them. The most well known.." They lean in closer "The seventh mystery. H...

  • Lunar || TBHK
    250K 10.2K 44

    Have you ever thought even for once that you will become a supernatural after your death? And especially become the infamous mystery at your own school? [ contained spoiler of manga ]

  • reverie [jshk reader-insert]
    34.5K 946 22

    [jibaku shounen hanako-kun | toilet bound hanako-kun; reader-insert / beyond the boundary| semi-canon divergent] --- "It's a pleasure to be at your service." Direct bloodline of the Yozora Clan got intertwined with the fate of the Minamoto Clan and the Spirit World Society - eventually swept into dealing with the seve...

  • Monogatari | JSHK
    17.4K 435 11

    [Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun × Reader] →Slow Updates← 〘after all, this was all just a story〙 Status: On Going ↓ Spoilers Alert! Following the manga Sensitive topics! JSHK © Iro Aida Rank(s): #1 - #jibakushounenhanako-kun 13/8/2020