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  • Allison and Stiles back to back.
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    After the death of Allison Argent in season 3 of TeenWolf, she comes back to life. Returning to Beacon Hills, she stays on the down low so people don't notice her. But she's not just an Argent anymore... She's now a were wolf, or is she? She's been spying on her old pack, so much has changed... Isaac and Derek are go...

  • Stallison Teen Wolf AU
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    Allison knows about death. She knows more about that than anything else. It's her specialty after all. But it never ends there. With death. With the bodies of your friends and family cold in the ground. With the blood of the boy you love drenching your hands. It never ends there. And if it doesn't end, it can only get...

  • A forbidden love// Stallison
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    scott Mcall always loved Allison Argent.... what happens when a certain Stiles Stilinski devlopes feelings for Allison??