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  • My Artbook
    7.2K 1K 59

    Just me drawing stuff🎶

  • Lover (Lams)
    6K 444 4

    Pills keep John alive. Literally, he'll die without him. He makes an internet friend, Alexander. The only problem? Alexander cannot be anywhere near those pills without it being fatal...

  • A Sunny Day in a Coffee Shop -[Lams Modern AU]-
    226 8 4

    John Laurens works in a small, local coffee shop in Washington D.C. Every day he meets countless customers with countless orders. But then one sunny day in the shop, one certain customer catches John's eye, that would change his life forever. (Cover art is not mine, as always.)

  • Hamilsquad Fluff
    2.6K 83 13

    A story about the Hamilsquad, and, tbh, it's mostly Lams, because why not.

  • Should've Been Mine (Laurens x Angelica) {COMPLETE}
    33.6K 1.2K 40

    John Laurens and Angelica Schuyler both meet at their current unrequited love's (Alexander Hamilton) wedding. However, their similarities don't stop there. COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurliza, when we fall, theres people to pick us up. (HAMILTON) OLD
    13.9K 353 53

    OLD Eliza, heartbroken by Alexander's betrayal seeks for support by her good friend Laurens. Laurens helps Eliza, their relationship strengthen. He proved himself to be a good friend, or more. (picture drawn by Ziksua) Btw this is my first story so if it sucks... you know why! 😉👍