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  • Death Rides on Swift Wings: a RWBY x Male Reader x Highschool DxD Story
    413K 6.1K 115

    "Death does not discriminate." -Y/n Gremory, formerly Y/n Rose. Y/n Rose was the older brother of Ruby Rose, but was abused and neglected by his family. They would beat him, cut him, and starve him. But now, he's had enough. He's been planning on running away, but who's this guy who claims to be his real dad? Y/n will...

  • Demonic Hatred (Betrayed Male Reader x RWBY and Slow Updates)
    100K 864 24

    Y/N L/N was a nice, kind hearted person where he would never hurt a fly unless it was Grimm then that was the only thing he would hurt/kill but his kindheartedness won over the hearts of many girls including a certain teacher but doing his time at Beacon Academy something from his past came back and a tragic incident...

  • I Never Mean't It (Ex-Bully Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader)
    17.4K 322 4

    Yang Xiao Long. A second year that attends Beacon Academy. A student that has a rough past. A student that regrets something. Hurting someone. A boy by the name of Y/N L/N. What happens when she encounters him once again? But with a difference between the two. What happens when Y/N encounters the one that tormented hi...

  • A Broken Rose:Abused/Bullied Ruby Rose x Male Reader x Crossover Harem
    22.3K 399 7

    "Roses are really beautiful things, things that represent love and passion. But when you deny that rose its water (in this case, love), that rose begins to wilt away...just like how you all have done to Ruby...and I'm gonna slaughter you for it." Disclaimer:I do not own anything in this book. I just own the book.

  • Silly Me...I Forgot To Mention...I Cheated
    55.1K 793 27

    (RWBY x Betrayed Bullied Salem Reader) (Y/N) (L/N) was a hated at Beacon. He only really had 3 maybe 5 people he could really call friends. However when serving detention exploring the Emerald forest a voice calls out to him and promises the one thing (Y/N) could ever want...anything. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth DTL...

  • Fuck Good and Evil (OP Male Reader x Crossover)
    73.8K 977 20

    Y/N was tormented by his family and classmates due to his weakness for not having, Semblances, Scared Gears, Quirks, or Scrolls. One day he have enough and left when a portal takes him to the old world where a person's abilities matter. Now learning the way of the old world, he returns to the world where he brought hi...

  • The EXILE (Male Reader X Mass Crossover)
    47.4K 429 12

    Y/N Branwen, being neglect and abuse by his family and being mock by almost everyone at Beacon. One day, Y/N was pushed to his limit and destroy Beacon completely. Having enough, he decided to leave only for a man to give him the chance of a lifetime to find true friends, a true family and maybe a true home.

  • Nothing but Mercenary Work: Bullied and Almost Broken Reader X RWBY
    31.7K 400 6

    A boy bullied till he was almost broken. His family murdered by huntsmen. House burned to the ground. He has not where to run, no one to run too. So he suffers through hell, day by day with very few people to comfort him. Some people may take the easy way out, kill themselves. But he can't do that. He won't do that...

  • There no me no you only we! (Bullied and abused Venom male reader x Rwby harem)
    75.4K 1.5K 39

    Y/N L/N was a student from Beacon who was bullied once his girlfriend starting abusing him and cheated on him he ran away from Beacon worrying his friends and a certain gangster and her ice cream lover partner. Y/N ran into the wood and look upon a star that was shining he wish for revenge. He soon realize it wasn't a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hero time (Ben 10 000 reader x massive crossover)
    26.1K 302 6

    The world I live in is largely inhabited by females with various powers who view powerless men like breeding stock. As a male in high school, I was bullied to the point I didn't care about most emotional things anymore. But I soon got an unexpected power when I found two weird devices at a meteor crash. Single pairing...

  • A bizarre life (Male stand user reader x massive crossover)
    68.1K 792 14

    "Yare yare, these women are annoying..." -Y/n Joestar (Massive crossover) (Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine)

  • Male Reader OP Saiyan X RWBY Harem X DBS Harem
    458K 4.5K 47

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a seventeen-year-old boy who has gone through different abuses by his family and also by his schoolmates but once he meets Ozpin and lets him join Beacon, he'll meet the people who will make him forget his past.... Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY RWBY Is owned by Rooster Teeth

  • The devil itself... Abused, Bullied and Neglected Male Reader X Rwby
    29.2K 464 15

    I've been Abused, Bullied and Neglected by that *Angry German* and her *Angry German* and all of these people that feel pity for ME! Woher was this when I needed it most! *Psychotic Laughing* What they did to me... Will be paid ten times over... An eye for an eye....

  • The Unloved Rose male abused and neglected reader x rwby harem
    120K 746 14

    Y/n was the adopted son of summer rose and tai xio long. At first they loved him like a normal family but that all changed when he turned 5. So I am gonna say this I do not own rwby or rooster teeth I do not own the pictures I will be using. Ido give full credit to there owners. I do own this story though.

  • From a Tormented Huntsman to a Criminal (RWBY x Bullied! Criminal! M!Reader)
    51.5K 547 16

    (Y/n) Kalous is a son of a drug dealer named Jan Kalous. He always promised his dad to change the people's opinions on him by becoming a Huntsman. However, constant bullying that lead to him being expelled from Beacon made its business and now Kalous Jr. is out to make sure Huntsmen will PAY. For his father's death as...

  • Ruby X Depressed Male Reader
    136K 1.4K 10

    Got the idea way back when @Boogiethehedgehog3 did his original abused and depressed male reader and so here I am to give my own little take to it. Hope you guys like it. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within this story are owned by me.

  • Insane!? That Doesn't Fully Describe Me:RWBY Harem x Bullied/Cheated Male Reader
    94.9K 1.6K 20

    Grimm are said to be soulless creatures, animals lacking an Aura that are drawn to negative emotions. New Grimm tend to be discovered, yet there is one that nobody can seem to get close enough to in order to learn about it. However, this Grimm was also a young hybrid with a heavy past. Disclaimer:I do not own RWBY or...

  • Black Requiem
    45.9K 574 15

    You gave them love You trusted them You cared for them But they betrayed you And because of this cause you to go down a dark path -------------------------- Abused and Bullied Male Reader x Cheater Rwby x Harem -------------------------- I do own rwby, photos, gifs, or videos

  • Rwby Harem X Abused! Neglected! Bullied! male reader
    10.3K 68 14

    Y/n L/n has been abused by his parents for some of the dumbest reasons known to remnant. He was never treated right by most of the family. His parents act as if he isn't their real son. what happens when Y/n runs away? who will he find, and who will find him? Read the story to find out! Guys there will be cussing, an...

  • (Y/N)'s Mushoom Kingdom Adventure
    124K 1.6K 25

    This is a story where you take luigi's place. This is a male reader and harem story.

  • Who needs an Aura? (Bullied male reader x Rwby)
    33.1K 420 3

    Y/n was bullied by RWBY JNPR CRDL and SSSN because he has no aura. The teachers didnt do anything about it and leave him alone. One day his mother the huntress empress finds out and decides to take action and train her son. Let's see what he becomes

  • Make It Hurt... |RWBY X Male Reader|
    12.6K 175 8

    x male reader

  • The God of War and His Rose
    42.1K 732 6

    Y/n War is a boy who attended beacon but 1 day he was backstabbed by his friends, family, the teachers of beacon and everyone around him, after his death the only 1 person who liked Y/n was Ruby Rose so she had built him a small grave, she would go there and cry over him why...because she never told him she loved him...

  • Bullied Male Titan x RWBY
    63.7K 395 9

    Don't mess with a Titan and a Hunter

  • The Winds of Change (Cheater Ruby Rose x Male reader)
    116K 1.1K 8

    You felt like you were one of the luckiest guys in Vale since you were dating the Genius Ruby Rose, but those feelings turned to hatred when she did something you never thought she was capable of doing.

  • Black-Hearted Love:RWBY Harem x Abused/Bullied Male Reader
    161K 2.1K 20

    F/n has had it rough his whole life. He's been bullied and abused by females his whole life. This all started at age six for him when his father unfortunately died on a mission, leaving his all-female family to raise him, but they instead beat him and blamed him for his death. At Beacon, life was worse for him. Then s...

  • JoJo females x male reader lemon
    46K 245 9

    I don't own JJBA all of that goes to araki... I think I said his name right

  • I Y/N Giovanna have a dream ( rwby x male stand user )
    20.1K 215 15

    You thought you'd just have Gold Experience but you have me The World and hamon.

  • The man who stands above all
    109K 2.1K 19

    A boy betrayed by those he trusted the most and on the brink of death receives power beyond anyone's dreams, now he'll use it to make sure he's the last one standing against his enemies and the one's that betrayed him.

  • Betrayed Male masked saiyan reader x high school dxd
    25.5K 345 11

    this is a rewrite of my other story.