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  • fuck off || hyunsung
    159K 10.1K 43

    in which a boy randomly texts jisung

  • Baby Boy (Jeongchan)
    933K 41.8K 72

    What happens when Chan has to babysit Jeongin while his parents are away? Will have side ships in the story such as Mingsung Changlix Seungjin

  • Opposites Attract | Seungjin ✨
    170K 8.5K 27

    Hyunjin is a bad boy. Seungmin is a pure innocent angel. What happens when they accidentally meet at a party and the two have different intentions? Hyunjin tries to seduce Seungmin and destory his innocence and Seungmin tries to soften his bad boy image. How will the two personalities collide? Rankings: -Seungjin- #1...

  • DORM 922 | seungjin
    490K 34.8K 32

    "not to be like, nsfw or anything. but like, I'd hold your hand and give you the best hugs."

    76.6K 6K 7

    in which kim seungmin wants bang chan's boyfriend.

  • Beauty in the Making
    318K 15.6K 26

    Han Jisung was fat, .... was fat. [COMPLETED.]

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine | Minsung (✅)
    886K 35.4K 27

    Minho pinned Jisung against a wall, looking directly into his eyes. "You're mine. You belong to me, and no one else!" He said right before kissing Jisung. ________________________________________ Minho, a closeted gay, is known for breaking girls their hearts But then Jisung catches his attention. ____________________...

  • UPSTAIRS (minsung) [✓]
    312K 29.8K 30

    ❝ IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I'LL COME DOWN AND KISS YOU! ❞ ― minho is a producer who lives on the 7th floor. jisung is a dancer who lives on the 8th floor. they're very loud. SHORT CHAPTERS MINSUNG ⁕ 130818 - 130419

    Completed   Mature
  • bad || minsung
    891K 57.9K 21

    ❝don't steal, stealing is not good!❞ ❝and who says i wanna be good?❞ lee minho + han jisung started; august 9 2018 finished; september 14 2018 [ I am WHO era ]

  • One Class Apart | Minsung
    215K 8.2K 35

    In which Jisung's a new transfer student 5 seconds only in in his new high school and has already changed his mind about love from the first sight... (completed)

  • ʀᴜɪɴ ᴍᴇ
    584K 28.3K 31

    LEE KNOW; Your typical bad boy or that's what everyone think he is. His cold behavior and his emotionless face gives off that vibe,no one knows his real name but that he goes by 'lee know' HAN JISUNG: innocent looking and IS innocent. The most friendly and adorable squirrel looking person you'll ever meet! Ready to ta...

  • flash // MINSUNG
    172K 12.3K 25

    Jisung tries to slyly take a picture of the boy living across the street, but his camera's flash was on. "I was totally not taking your picture, you know? I was just turning on my flashlight- yeah, see!" "You could take my picture any time. I want to be the one who captures your heart, just as you tried capturing my p...

  • moans ;『minsung 』
    914K 38K 10

    jisung moves into a new apartment where he meets his neighbor, minho who keeps him up at night with his moans minsung not quite smut but not quite fluff either achievements: #9 in kpop #1 in minsung

  • Spin the bottle // Minsung ✔
    513K 25.3K 21

    In which Lee Minho is the school's delinquent and Han Jisung is known to be the one who never does anything wrong. The two admire each other from afar but despise each other up close, or at least one of them does. A game of spin the bottle might change everything for them, but will it be for the better or for worse? [...

    347K 10.6K 18

    Lee Minho, the school's bad boy. but the Student Council Secretary, Han Jisung, doesn't give a fuck. ⚠️Smutful 👀 [COMPLETED✓]

  • STREAKS. > changlix [✓]
    280K 20.2K 17

    ❝ if you even think about sending a dick pic i'm calling the police. ❞ > in which felix takes over chan's streaks and encounters a very flirty rapper. SNAPCHAT AU!!

  • HOT TOPIC | changlix
    709K 47K 34

    where changbin works at hot topic and a cute worker at claires catches his attention

  • The Racer Stole my Heart (Changlix)
    69.7K 2.7K 26

    Changbin x Felix Started [October 20th, 2018] Ended [December, 30th, 2018]