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  • Divorce Me
    194 13 22

    Taehyung and Inara have been married for 5 months now. They married not because they love each other but Taehyung's parents who really want to both of them get married. Their marriage's life is only written on papers. Even though they are not in love with each other, they seem to live like normal people (doing their o...

  • Promise | pjm
    386 21 40

    And I regretted the moment I promised to leave you *This story contents abusing scenes so read it at your own risk* started: 28 July 2018 ended: 20 January 2020 -unedited

  • Cutting Ties | Jungkook
    7.1K 185 20

    ❝I love you so much that I'll let you go so let me go as well.❞ A Jungkook Fanfiction. begin: 28.06.17 finish: 19.10.17 [bts jungkook] Previously 'Divorcing The Jerk'.

  • can't agree ༄jimin 🄲
    22.4K 602 8

    ❝why the fuck do you destroy the divorce papers i give you❞ ❝i can't agree with that.❞ ㅡA precipitous change of jimin's affection towards y/n was the root of sundry heartbreaks. So she decided to destroy one thing that would break their relationship to the brim. And the only cause of Jimin's despisement. As leisure as...

  • Regret: I didn't know until you're gone
    112K 2K 41

    Jungkook was forced into an arranged marriage with y/n by his parent. After the wedding, Jungkook left Y/N all by herself at his condo and go to HanRi's place and stay there. Jungkook always tell Y/N how much he hates her, always make her cry, and how embarrassed of him having a muted wife, but what he doesn't know is...

  • LEGACIES: The Cruel Bloodline 🔞
    323 56 8

    "Yes, it was." The little girl giggles talking to her best friend. Her eyes gleamed in the moonlight, almost yellow for a flash. Brown hair cascades her tiny shoulders as she peered down the window again. And she giggled again. The happiness erupting from so deep within her, she felt tingles running till the tips of h...

    1.1K 185 20

    Royal AU "The last time I wanted to love someone was three years ago. When that someone was gone, so was my ability, you could say want, to love was lost." - Taehyung "Love is something, I have come to believe, that can only exist in stories and normal lives. Whe...

  • My Toy Kitten|jiminxreader| 18+
    46.8K 747 19

    At first he wanted to hurt her ,make her beg for no more pain. Psycho torture... But now he just wants to protect and love her maybe even more....

  • Possessive Ex 전정국√
    164K 4.7K 50

    ❝I got through the audition. Let's break up.❞ ___________ ❝Listen up, Kim Ha Neul. You're mine. And only mine.❞ *** Cover made by @cold_flames

  • My Best Mistake ✓
    4.1K 532 40

    "She wasn't ready to have seven chaotic boys enter her life and turn it upside down and neither were they." *** 26-year-old Bo-Ra, broken down inside but still manages a smile anyways. When an entertainment agency offers her a job as a manager of an internationally famous boy group that consists of seven chaotic boys...

    38.5K 5K 48

    * *     ⊹ ˚ . . ┊ ┊ ⊹ · ✧  ❝ welcome to matchmaker. an app where no * ✦ ┊ feelings are hidden. an app where all 🌙 true thoughts are exposed. an app where...

  • Once More • J.Jk FanFic. ✔️
    250K 8.5K 34

    ❝Your son, he looks very similar to Jungkook...❞ Leave it to a 3-year-old to bring two parents back together. Highest Ranking: #1 in Fanfiction This story is completed✔️ CEO and Father AU A Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction

  • Jimin's Roommate || Park Jimin [Coming Soon]
    392 27 1

    Long back in Toyko lived Akira, born to a male chauvinist who always wanted a son, who then forced you to be one against your wish, you never thought you might be able to experience what being a girl feels like but then your life went upside down when you saw 'him' and then you knew; whose hand you wanted to hold, who...

  • Don't tell | J.J.K 21+ | Fanfic
    42.1K 891 33

    Mature content. Abusive scenes. Vulgar language. If you are triggered to any of these, please do not read. Will Jungkook, the biggest most wanted criminal/gangster, be able to protect the love of his life and keep her with him, or will he loose her forever? Will he make her fall in love in love with him even though h...

  • boo for you➳
    29.7K 1.1K 17

    i can see dead people, and i can see him looking at me while taking a bath. he is dead, but also a pervert dead. kth fanfic

  • I don't need your help
    215 49 6

    She is working on undoing all the emotional damage her family caused her, while getting through school at the same time. He is trying to prove that he is more than a good-looking fuck boy. His family wants him to settle down with a good girl to show he can run the family business. Can he convince her she needs his hel...

    69 4 4

    ᴊᴍ: ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ, ᴡʜᴀᴛs ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍ ʏ/ɴ: ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍ ɪs ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ This is my first book and I will take ANY criticism on it I only aim to please readers

  • Mr Park, Loss ||Book 3 of CEO || PJM || ✔
    239K 8.8K 11

    "I'm pregnant, Jimin. You're going to be a father," But is it a happily ever after for the new Mr and Mrs Park? ©chimchimicorn

    53.5K 1.7K 15

    On every Winter, from the year we were together, I would watch her performance. Although I'm not really that interested in her ballet but I kind of enjoyed staying on my seat. I was mesmerised by the music - my eyes were always closed as the instrumental played. I always adored the pianist; I loved how it sounded li...

  • Begin
    110K 3.3K 37

    "When I want something, I always get it. And i want you." -Jeon Jungkook

  • ADDICTION || J.JK × Reader ✔
    505K 19.6K 52

    "The slower the kiss, the faster the heartbeat." ©𝐉𝐈𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊𝐈𝐄𝟏𝟕 |*Contains some mature and triggering content*| [You've been warned, so read at your own risk.] Best rankings: ♛ 18 in #story out of 190K ♛18 in #btsjungkook out of 18.2K ♛ 10 in #jeon out of 7.02K ♛ 1in #ff out of 24.2K

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Boy | JJK
    19.5K 588 4

    "Noona, you're so pretty," Jungkook commented, his eyes lingered on your bust. You suddenly felt insecure around him, and about his little utterance. It has only been four years, and he has grown so much. He has lost the affection he had to you before, but the fondness he has for you this time... is different from t...

    45.6K 846 11

    "Don't sit on my dick if you're afraid of heights" "What the fuck-" you thought to yourself ✧༺♡༻✧ An original story by @poof_a inspired by one of @entaei 's edits on instagram. All rights reserved! Hope you enjoy ✧ ༺♡༻ ✧ Started: 06.08.2018 Finished: / ✧ ༺♡༻ ✧ Best rankings: 46 in Pride (out of 2.3K stories) 80 in A...

  • Obey l Jimin 21+ ✔️
    347K 6.9K 38

    "Its about time you obey me." He ran his fingers through his hair, with a devilish grin. - - - - ❗️Unedited Story❗️ - 🚫Mature content🚫 ⭐There will be a story line, its not just about smut. *Trigger Warning* (Rape and other mature themes of that line) Highest Rating: #2 parkjimin #17 btsjimin

  • SHE IS A SASAENG | Kim Taehyung
    71.1K 4.5K 67

    I used to be a fan of BTS. Life gets busy so I stopped being crazy about them unlike the old me. One day, I happened to coincidentally sit next to my bias on the plane from London to Seoul. Sounds lucky but not very lucky indeed. Especially when you are announced as a 'sasaeng' once you returned Korea.

    Completed   Mature
  • SINFUL | Kim Taehyung
    365K 18K 55

    "Just because you're my girlfriend now, it doesn't mean that I'll treat you like a princess." ... A cliché love story between a bad boy and a nerd? No. Kang Minhee, an innocent girl who knows nothing but studying got awfully attracted to the university's bad boy, Kim Taehyung. She had many reasons to give up on him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fathers Hierarchy • KTH | MAFIA +18
    107K 9K 51

    After his girlfriend's death, leaving him in charge of their baby Taehyung decided he would do anything for his daughter to have the best future. The small business he created so he could have food on the table turns into something huge, putting Taehyung as one of the most influential men in organized crime. The head...

  • Serendipity KTH
    14.5K 405 16

    Y/N was a struggling student turned PR Assistant. She met someone named Taehyung while drinking in a bar. It changed her life forever. They split ways. Smut parts (*)

    Completed   Mature
  • Newness _ KTH ✅
    13.5K 677 14

    Where a long awaited trip becomes something unexpected. ❛A soft light and a bench welcome me, but I lean on the parapet to feel the air. A light breeze caresses my face, giving me cold chills due to the thin veil of sweat on my skin. I breath slowly and plentifully to oxygenate my brain. Suddenly I hear a deep voice...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghosting (K.TH)
    66.9K 3.7K 23

    "Do I make you nervous?" He smirked, nibbling seductively on his bottom lip as he studied her. She rolled her eyes, "You're a freaking ghost Taehyung, you'd make anyone nervous." //Lee Cora moves into an apartment only to find out it's haunted by its previous owner// //Does contain some Mature Content// //CURRENTLY ON...