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  • Phoenix High- Slymau
    6.9K 364 51

    Imagine your uncle killing your friends. Sparing just one as a warning to you of what power he has. Sparing your sons. But killing your love. Your one and only. Your soul mate. The only one you've ever loved. What would you do? Run? Take your friend and sons? That's what happened to Jess, better known as Aphmau.

  • In My Darkest Hours
    759 37 10

    Pain. Everywhere I go it follows. Sorrow. Every life I try to live, it is there. Useless. No matter what I do I hurt the people I love. Life, Death. Traitor, Friend. Monster, Murderer. Angel, Demon. Savoir, Destroyer. Love, Hatred. These are the words that play through my mind, making sentences, forming bridges, creat...

  • The Return of The Few
    11.4K 206 13

    Aphmau has only known the MyStreet Gang ever since their last year of high-school. They have no idea what Aphmau was like before she moved to Phoenix Drop. Her secret life stays a secret.....that is, until she receives a surprise visit from an old face. Will Aphmau resume the position of Lady Thor, or will both lives...

  • Minecraft YouTubers Quotes!
    9.7K 270 61

    Sky Army Crew Team Crafted and a bunch of other MCYTs!

  • Aphmau?
    4.3K 184 13

    Aphmau's Minecraft serieses rolled into ONE!!!

  • Zanmau (ZanexAphmau)
    13.7K 641 40

    My first fanfic Please enjoy Zane and Aphmau fanfiction don't judge and enjoy! I'm working on new chapters I just want the ending to be good!!! ;) thanks for 9k!!!

  • #Genemau (Aphmau × Gene)
    470 31 5

    I hope you will enjoy reading this story! I will only update this on summer breaks. On the first of school Gene asks Aphmau if they can hang out in the park. What will happen? Will Aphmau accept or not? Will they be friends? Find out by reading this story.

  • falling for a womanizer (a ein x aphmau au)
    8.6K 172 13

    ein is a shy werewolf that has parents who always work and rarely ever pay attention to him. he was kicked out of his old school for getting into too many fights. aphmau is known for being a sweetheart. she is loved by everyone. she is the most popular girl in school. she has a perfect life with her mom. i do not own...

  • Hello Kitty (Gene X Aphmau)
    14.2K 292 34

    (If you haven't heard of Aphmau then go watch her on YouTube or else your going to be confused) Hey I'm Gene, I'm the leader of the Shadow Kights club. Known as SK. I go to Phoenix drop high, I'm the most feared In school along with Zinix and Sasha. Also, Aaron. I've been blackmailing Kitty for a while and I was g...

  • Genemau: An Unexpected Love Story
    3.9K 125 15

    Takes place in phd Always open to suggestions

  • A Black Cold Heart To A Loving One ~{a Genemau Story}
    1.5K 52 6

    Gene was a bad boy but that turned around after he became more and more closer to Aphmau. Later on gene had left for college and the broke up. Then later on in life she dated aaron but little did she know that was the biggest mistake she had ever made. Btw these drawing are not mine credit to the people who created th...

  • Gene x Aphmau College Love
    470 15 2

    Is it possible after the drama in highschool for Love to blossom ? *WARNING MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT*

  • Meant To Be (A Zanemau Fanfic)
    33K 800 24

    Aphmau and Zane have been best friends since Sprinkles. They're been through so much, from protecting each other to getting Zane to get some sunlight(and trust me, that takes the both of them). Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other, deeply, but Aaron wants Aphmau for himself, while Michi is looking for...

  • My Youtube Secret (Discontinued)
    32 0 3

    Aphmau (or Jess) and her friends Ross Sky Jin Barney and Max all have YouTube channels they are the top 6 famous Youtubers when everyone finds out they are the most famous Youtubers ever what will happen... Find out on todays episode of super mine-- wait this isnt smd that was 5 years ago Top 6 Youtubers Subs 1...

  • The Story Of Zanemau
    2.1K 31 21

    This is the story of Zane and Aphmau from when they first meet to when they start a family together! Hope you enjoy this Zanemau story!

  • The New Love (Zanemau)
    19.1K 397 35

    Aphmau loved her town, it was fun and was wild at times. Other than Garroth and Laurence trying to date her, Aphmau and her best friend Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn lived in a peaceful neighborhood. Until Zane moved into town, things changed for Aphmau and her friends! Zane loves her, and shows it too! But some people try...

  • Alone (A Zanemau Fanfic)
    41.7K 1.3K 16

    Aphmau always knew Zane wasn't born with a black heart.He isn't just a villain...Aphmau knows he is misunderstood, his soul is good, but not everyone can see it yet. (Ranked #7 in Zanemau) (Honestly, my writing is terrible. I don't know why this has so many views and votes lmfao.)

  • My SunShine (Zanemau FanFic)
    3.9K 71 24

    This is a Story about how Aphmau and Zane got together instead of Aaron and Aphmau Hope you enjoy it! (Completed!) (All characters belong to aphmau)

  • Demons: A Story of Love and Acceptance. (WARNING: ZANEMAU)
    14.3K 413 9

    This is the love story of a Corrupted Angel and a Light Demon. Zane Ro'Meave is a Demon in this world of four peoples. He locks himself away, drives others away, so nobody can be hurt by what he is. The only thing keeping him in this world is his love for a certain Aphmau Phoenix... DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN APHMAU'S M...

  • Zanemau
    9K 126 15

    A kawaii love story between two main characters in Aphmau's mystreet. But something happens that switches the tables

  • Zanemau ~ My Fat Little Nugget
    20.7K 515 27

    A zanemau romantic/comedy story about Aphmau and Zane This story is about Aphmau and Zane a fanfiction that I've always wanted to write and maybe I'll write more fanfiction about other ships... haha I love writing which made me want to write fanfiction Hey guys I'm gonna edit this since it sucks just an FYI.

  • The Odd Brother
    606 29 7

    Well, the title should explain it all, but mostly It's about a brother who doesn't get recognized by his family and is sent into deep depression I hope you enjoy🥺❤️

  • I'm Right Here ~ Zanemau
    15.7K 315 16

    After Aaron was caught red-handed with another girl, Aphmau spends more time with Zane. Will love blossom? Or will they stay friends forever? What if people from the past comes back? Find out! First fic!

  • Zane's old friends
    14.5K 408 15

    I have seen many aphmau fanfics where sky, Ross, Barney, and Jin visit aphmau. I love Zane and thought what would happen if Zane knew them and the other mystreet characters did not? So tada! This fanfic was made. Note, Zane will act more open around the others than he usually is. Cover does not belong to me it belongs...

  • If Zane Was Nice
    4.8K 85 4

    This takes place after Aphmau's MyStreet: Christmas CATastrophe episode. It goes in MY version of direction after there. Zane changes, and wishes to show the true side of him. Maybe...maybe being friends with Aphmau will help him...Will Zane and Aphmau fall in love? Or will they just be friends? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT O...

  • Zane broken heart
    26.2K 521 17

    Friends, love was all Zane ever wanted but never could have. he was dating Travis who treated him like shit his only friend left him but his brother's were to busy with other things. let's see how zane heart broke Also this book has depression, self harm, bullying. I am not making fun of these so don't assume. Also...

  • Back ear scratches (Blaze X zane)
    3.7K 85 18

    Blane story. all started with soft thighs so I haven't really been watching aphmau but this is fanfiction so I can do mostly what I want

  • My Adorable Little Scarf Dude- A Zane X Blaze FF
    7.8K 218 12

    DIS A BLAZE X ZANE UM ITS LOVELY I GUESS I CANT DO DESCRIPTIONS OKEYYY (The art on the cover and in the story isn't mine unless I say it isss) ((Also all characters belong to aphmau the glorious aphmau!))

  • Zanvis: Alone Together *Completed.*
    65.8K 1.5K 13

    Everyone goes on a vacation to a forest, where they will be staying in a cabin for the rest of fall.

  • Zanvis. High School Days
    68.6K 1.7K 25

    It all starts with a boy named Zane. One would describe him as, small, a loner, and even emo. Deep down he'd always had trouble communicating with others of his interests, so he had to hide himself for most of his life. But one day.. It all changes. {WARNING} THIS STORY IS OVER A YEAR OLD! MEANING THAT MOST OF THE C...