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  • 𝐝𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐲.
    131K 12.1K 39

    brokebltch 2018 ; minsung ↳ minho falls fast and jisung is steady.

  • twenty four hours ☄ jeongchan
    23.6K 2K 25

    Jeongin has twenty four hours to live.

  • Sweet Talker♡ - Minchan/Chanho
    37.4K 2.8K 20

    His smile used to annoy me, its the smile he would have when he knows he's done something wrong and I hated it. But lately his smile had gotten even more annoying, because it's all I ever think about. Another cliche high school au~

  • Letters Of The Alphabet (BangInho) [High School AU]
    20.4K 1.8K 27

    (1/3 in the Alphabet series) In which Minho is suffering from depression and barely ever truly smiles, so in order to make him smile, his boyfriend Bang Chan sends him letters, each with a letter of the alphabet (High key writing this for Yah Chan becuz she is our BangInho queen and deserves all the love in the world)...

  • bite me || banginho
    28.5K 1.8K 10

    " bite me ." " what ¿" " i said , bite me." bang chan is a vampire and lee minho despretly wants to be bit ✦ - vampire au !

  • Voice Message ➖ yoonmin
    123K 7.3K 21

    "Hey this is Jimin... I'm busy right now.. just leave me a massage I'll call you later..." --- {yoonmin ff} {short chapters} {sequel of Letters} started: june 7, 2016

  • dirty talk • yangyang | xiaojun | xiaoyang
    37.4K 2.1K 12

    In which xiaojun accidentally dials the wrong number and ends up talking to the phone sex operator, yangyang.

  • Paper Boats // xiaodery
    60K 4.6K 25

    Hendery let the origami boats he made into the sea, hoping to find his soulmate. Xiao Jun happened to notice them. (mm/dd/yyyy) started: 12/17/18 ended: 1/10/19 [ arabic translation by @jeenniefer] [ spanish translation by @AHTZAO ] Copyright © 2018 by yutamatic

  • honey. woosan
    51.8K 4.2K 21

    honey tea tasted almost sweeter when he was around. but he was sweeter than the honey ever was. / started 210119 / © honeyjoongs 2019

  • GAME
    87.3K 7.5K 36

    san likes to play games - although the game that wooyoung is playing with him right now isn't enjoyable.

  • Twilight//Woosan
    205K 14K 50

    "Hey San?" "Yeah?" "What is twilight to you, a beginning or an end?" . . . . . . . . . . . ⚠WARNING⚠: This story may include some triggering subjects such as prostitution/rape and violence. You have been warned.

  • Hoodie [Dopil]
    9.4K 565 11

    Wonpil and Dowoon had dated for a while before breaking up before Wonpil left. Dowoon still has his hoodie,but what happens when Wonpil returns? Started-11/21/18 Ended-12/19/18

  • lean on me ; day6 dopil
    29.6K 2.5K 8

    dowoon lends his shoulder to his hyung.

  • I Loved You | Dopil
    8.1K 603 11

    "I will admit one thing... I loved you Kim Wonpil and I still do." This story is ENTIRELY fiction. I hope you like it ! TRIGGER WARNING THE BOOK DEALS WITH SUICIDE

  • Friend Zoned |dopil| {complete!}
    21.4K 1.9K 11

    No matter how Dowoon tries, His best friend Wonpil doesn't seem to take the obvious hint that, He likes him

  • diary ➵ + k.yh + [discontinued]
    17.1K 1.8K 21

    the boyz ➵ chanhee + younghoon + changmin ❞dear diary, i think i like them both.❝ where younghoon falls for two people at once. ©️ yeosangly | 02.10.2018 ➵ xx.xx.xxxx

  • guidance | BbangKyu ✅
    28.6K 2K 20

    Younghoon is a struggling new single father. On his first trip to the supermarket with his daughter he is totally incapable of dealing with her first tantrum. But school teacher Changmin stops the tantrum with ease, then gives Younghoon his number in case he ever needs him again. (this wasn't my idea. Credit goes to t...

  • LOST ID // bbangkyu
    28.2K 1.9K 32

    In which Changmin loses his student ID and Younghoon happens to find it. ¡¡ under editing ¡¡ started: august 21st 2018 ended: june 24th 2019

  • Kpop zodiac
    1.3M 49.3K 201

    Find out if you got your bias。 ©tumblr

  • My Escape [huidawn]
    63K 4.3K 24

    "Hyojong, why do you do these things?" "It's my escape." Warning: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, slight violence, bottom hyojong, top huitaek, smut *completed*

  • The Chaser || JunChan
    15.1K 1.4K 29

    "Hey, Yuchan. Let's play for the last time, you'll be the chaser and will chase me, okay?" In which Yuchan woke up after being in coma but is chasing someone that he doesn't even know. •• a hospital!au junchan fic that nobody asked for but here it is •• ° crossposted in ao3 •

  • Domestic
    89.3K 4.2K 29

    In which Monsta X's dorm lifestyle is pretty fucking domestic. _________ Kihyun focus.

  • white sugar
    113K 7.7K 50

    hello, we are memesta x! a chatroom written for fun starring the boys of monsta x 🌟 highest rankings: 8/24/16: #124 in random 7/07/18: #121 in monsta x

  • tick-tock : binu
    22.2K 2.3K 17

    "i wish the stars shine bright tonight" in which every night at 11:11 eunwoo stands under the clock tower making wishes and moonbin happens to notice him every time warning; short chapters

  • peonies; binu
    14.3K 1.2K 13

    "you remind me of a peony and i think that's why i love you so much" in which eunwoo is a slut for flowers and moonbin owns a flower garden also known as I fucking love flowers and I fucking love binu so here I am what's up my dudes

  • s h o w e r : b i n u
    96.8K 7.8K 27

    trashbinnie 🔥: hey man could i use your shower mine doesn't seem to be working eunwhoopsiedaisy💕: only if I can join you trashbinnie🔥: what in which moonbin and eunwoo live next to each other in a college dorm. warning !! short chapters; frequent updates

  • anemone : myungjin
    19.4K 2.3K 16

    anemone əˈnɛməni/ symbolizes undying love. 。。。 in which myungjun leaves flowers at jinwoo's doorstep every morning before 6 o'clock. and in which jinwoo receives flowers by his doorstep every morning from someone anonymous. 。。。 myungjin short story

    56.9K 4.3K 35

    renjun never expected the boy he drew to come alive. ( renjun + chenle ) ©H0ETRY

    22.1K 968 23

    one shots of nct dreams renle ( renjun + chenle ) ( finished + editing! ) ©H0ETRY

    12.2K 535 10

    renle oneshots • ( huang renjun & zhong chenle ) • ©TAEHUANG • [ONGOING] • .24 in renle .5 in huangrenjun .1 in zhong .19 in zhongchenle .10 in huang