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  • Jeremiah Valeska X Reader: In Charge
    115K 2.9K 15

    Rule #1: Don't fall in love with your master. Rule #2: You are nothing but a servant. Rule number #3: He is always in control. ------------------------------------------------------ "Don't move," he said to (Y/n) when she unwrapped arms from his neck. "Don't touch her," he mumbled. (Y/n) and everyone else jumped when...

  • Jerome Valeska Imagines
    136K 3.7K 74

    Imagines for the one, the only, Jerome Valeska! Slow updates

  • Contrast [a Victor Zsasz x Reader short story]
    21.5K 801 5

    Victor was the exact opposite of her. She was pure, he was a sin. She was light, he was darkness. She was everything he wasn't. He wanted to shield her from him, but he fell harder for her every time she looked at him.