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  • Lady
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    A lady walks in quiet confidence. Never striving, chasing or clamoring for attention. and because of this, she gets it. This book is a lady's guide. © creedsxsoul #3 etiquette 03/07/21

  • Natural
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    A KOTLC fanfic! All characters except those created by me belong to Shannon Messenger ( I made the cover myself- hope you like it) "Keefe found her on the beach"-Sophie "We don't know why she's covered in wires"- Elwin "Is she alive?" - Rex "She's dead, duh" - Lex "She is too small for an ancient"-Bronte "Then why doe...

  • Lily Rose: Legendary
    962 228 39

    The Jackal bounded up the staircase, four at a time. I quickly assessed my situation and surroundings. Just as The Jackal reached the top of the stairs, I jumped onto the balcony railing. "Lily!" James screamed. "What are you doing?" I looked behind me and saw The Jackal drawing nearer. Then I jumped off the railing...

    134 38 20

    - UPDATES EVERY FIRDAY - "We have a new assignment for you," The director flicks her hand over the tablet and the screen behind her jumps to life, displaying a still from the video footage of Cams escape. The truth is she wouldn't have gotten out of there if not for Kyler. She despises that truth. On screen her wri...

  • Other Side Cola
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    Dylan Tranter is dealing with the grief following his grandfather's passing. When he dedicates himself to finding (and drinking) a bottle of his grandfather's favorite soda, he finds himself in a world of shadows, spirits, temptations, and the dead. Will he make it out in time? Or will he lose himself in the carbonati...

  • Thoroughbreds | apply fic
    1.2K 104 3

    Regulus Black was known as the Unsung Hero of the First Wizarding War; courageously defying the Dark Lord at the young age of 18. Despite his heroic legacy, however, no one knew the real reason why he turned his back against Lord Voldemort and his fellow Death Eaters ─ no one, except for a certain group of people who...

    402 23 2

    In which a study group breaks up because of an alien who can grant wishes. And it's his job to get them back together again. ( open applyfic )

  • Original Magic (Short Story) - COMPLETED
    529 106 7

    The Forbidden have spoken and the Brotherhood has long proclaimed her fate. Alba knows it's nobody's fault, least of all her father's. He is doing his duty and she can understand his pain. They both know what must be done and Alba is ready for it each day...obediently steeling herself for what is to come. In a weak mo...

  • First Step Prompts
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    Out of ideas? Want to write something short and quick for fun? I'm gathering an assortment of prompts, all neatly categorized for you.

  • DeltaInfinity [ONC 2021]
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    Delta is a clean-up crew nobody in the Mindworld-secretly keeping memories he likes shouldn't be a problem. But when Delta takes the forgotten decoy code of a prominent spy-and plans on breaking the rules to return it-he becomes a threat. Trouble is, Delta's stuck in a romantic story- he can't leave the writer's mind...

  • wingman
    434 201 12

    Secondhand experience has taught Jaylin the devastating end to unrequited love. So when he notices Eve Armani- the tall, mysterious girl with the badass haircut- heading down that very path he's undeniably drawn towards saving her or at the very least playing cupid. But being a wingman isn't easy, especially when your...

  • Three Fates Entwined | Dream Team
    59.5K 3.4K 38

    Sapnap is a warrior, desperate to prove himself on the battlefield. George is a prince, trying to run away from his role. Dream is an assassin, the best of the best, and his next target might just change his life forever. --- Dream Team Cover artist: @basiclollo (Twitter)

  • Queen
    210 59 9

    In which Jasira Hearts must go undercover to save her life and the fate of all of Farlow. original story. COVER BY: @FloatingMagpie

  • Chasing Death | ONC 2021
    2.2K 535 20

    After the accidental death of Nikhit, Tora tries to end her life when she's stopped by Mrithun, He claims to have found Death's diary with records for each mortal - except that Tora doesn't exist on the list. Mrithun seems to know Death's abode. She insists to go on a journey to chase Death, to make him add her name t...

  • The Gold of Charmteller ✓
    614 132 36

    Cypur Cromlight is different from other Sorcerers. He's shorter, he's nicer, and he's got naturally golden hair. And 'Oh damn!' He's held back from advancing in school again! All because of a minor magick defect. One day he meets a raven Halfhuman named Wescherlie. Unlike her species, she's a rarity that can fly witho...

  • Open Novella Contest 2021
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    It's official, the Open Novella Contest is back again for a fourth edition! 13 weeks for 20K words minimum, ready for the challenge?

  • The Last Winter » Short Story |
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    This winter was like no other. It was different from all the others. The night was cold as the two siblings tried to find a way to survive. Noah and Ava struggled as they made their way as far as they could. They kept their head high and tried their best to move. #StarGazingAwards #Winter #Snow #Blizzard @xoxaria

  • The Last Winter
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  • Shadows of the Scriptures
    3.4K 366 18

    *Book 1 of "The Heim Texts"* A High Fantasy novel. ______________________________________ A Casteless magus who is much more than she thinks she is. A King. A Queen. A banished prince. A protestor. The Third Quenching is near. The Holder might consume the world in His wrath. Amidst a war and all the political intri...

  • Netherface: The Lonely One
    7 1 1

    A dystopian universe where people who play video games are challenged to try a new game that just came out. The thing is no one knows who created the game and everything changes when they can not leave the game or turn off their gaming sets. They are trapped in the game, people are dying and aren't respawning and the...

  • The Realization (A SoKeefe/Keephie story)
    2.5K 126 19

    After Sophie and Fitz's breakup, Sophie is searching for someone else who can comfort her (as a friend for now), and she lands on Keefe. Keefe was always there for her, and she starts visiting him more and more. Though she doesn't know it yet, Keefe is head over heels in love with her and she too is starting to develo...

  • Ember Grove (and Other Scary Stories)
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    Featured on WattpadShortStory Spine Tinglers, each of these scary one-shots promises goosebumps in under 2000 words. Explore a memory care facility, a petting zoo, a quaint cottage, and a professor's suburban home -- each hiding a dark secret. See the first chapter for a blurb on each story included! 🥇First place for...

  • Memes that will blow your COVER!!! (You know what I mean)
    9.1K 2.8K 200

    Feeling depressed??? Need some laughing material??? You're at the right place. Feel free to drown in my meme world. Trust me, It's worth it. ;) Warning ⚠️ : Don't mind the person sharing these memes. She's a bit crazy. Cover credits : @debVreha

  • Daily Writing Prompts
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    These are some shortish writing prompts I will be making for anyone who wants to do some short stories. If you do use these as prompts, PLEASE GIVE CREDIT. Enjoy! The cover image is mine, so please don't use it. I drew it on a separate program and uploaded it.

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    "If I had a bullet for every time you promised that nothing was going to go wrong, Bond--" "You'd either have a darn lot of bullets," 007 cut him off. "Or you'd be dead." Shortly after the events of SPECTRE, Bond has returned to MI6. Not because he and Swann broke up, not because he missed his license to kill, but bec...

  • Chasing Golden
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    16 year old Ren Aldrich is on his way home from school, when he runs into a mysterious man. Without any reason, the man shoots and kills Ren Aldrich in the spot. Or does he? Ren wakes back up, in the same spot as he was before, before running into the same man. What is going on here?

  • Timber Man
    5K 758 15

    A mysterious scientist lives in a remote cabin in the woods. 28-year-old Professor Tim Bur and 12-year-old Fiona, a sentient cactus, go on adventures together! They make many friends but also run into trouble. The world is forever changed by his creations, a sentient species of plant known as chlorin. Can they handle...

  • How To Ruin A City
    3.5K 451 36

    Long story short, I'm a shady villain who made a sketchy deal with a shady hero. Also long story short, our plan backfired. Not to mention said shady hero keeps trying to take over this book with his own chapters. The idiot needs to invest in a diary. -- "I get paid every time I fight a villain, even if I don't appreh...