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  • The lost Fennekin- a RioluxFennekin fanfic
    2.6K 83 8

    A young Riolu and Fennekin live in a Pokemon centre among other friendly Pokemon. The two spent every day together, and by looking at them, you would never think anything was wrong. However, the smiling, friendly and energetic Pokemon had a very tragic and harrowing secret they kept to themselves. This very tragedy cl...

  • Lucario and Braixen- A Fiery Love Story
    38.6K 645 43

    -Cover made by BlueStrike- A young Braixen moves into a new apartment on her own, looking forward to beginning her own life at College. When she moves in, she meets a Lucario named Ricky, who's going to the same College as her. She experiences many new things that she never has before, such as what it's like to live i...

  • Braixen and Lucario: Highschool Love
    48.7K 331 26

    A not so popular Lucario named Jason is being crushed on by a Braixen named Lily, how with this all play out, especially when Jason has a little secret. P.S I don't own the cover art