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  • If it keeps you warm,Keep it close (dreammare/nightdream fanfic)
    31.7K 1.4K 16

    Dream suffered mentally after the apple incident,now he is has to keep the multiverse which has worsen him. After being kidnapped by the Nightmare gang,he doesn't believe he'll make it out alive-- luckily Nightmare has some unfinished business with him that might unravel some hidden feelings..

  • Lost Song
    2.5K 25 3

    A girl is born with the power of songs. Songs that with certain lyrics and scales, have the power to perform miracles. A war is approaching, and the two gifted with the power of songs are the key to it's end. ~This book is a fanfiction of the anime. I do not own the anime but I do follow the storyline of the anime.~ ~...

  • The Nevada Dragon (Transformers Prime X Dragon Reader) {Discontinued?}
    61.2K 957 33

    Dragons were thought to be myths. Stories created millennia ago. But they weren't myths. They were very much real. Only one remains. And she lives.. In Jasper, Nevada.

  • Loki X Dragon Reader
    7.6K 135 12

    Hydra experimented on you your whole life after they discovered your abilities. That was until the Avengers saved you from them. They took you in and taught you how to be good, kind, and to fight. Tony Stark, he was like a father to you. And you were like his kid. Needless to say he was very protective. Anyway, what w...

  • The dragon ally {Transformers prime} Discontinued.
    6.3K 212 28

    Flame, a young female fire dragon, is caught up in a war between gigantic metal robots. She won't give up her new family without a fight. (I don't own Transformers, or Transformers Prime. those rights go to Hasbro and Corus Entertainment.) (art is mine.)

  • Steven of home world(a A.U Steven universe fanfiction)
    17K 135 10

    as a baby Steven accidently warp to the gem home world and was founded by Yellow diamonds as she remembers what rose promise after the horrible war of great losses. telling the other diamond that the promise had been barely fulfill yellow diamond care and raise Steven as her own. this is the story of alternative univ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fifth Queen
    6.6K 191 20

    Mora and her daughter, Ammolite, live peacefully in their cave, but their peaceful life is taken from them. Ammolite is takes, and Mora is determined to find her beloved daughter. She will have to face responsibilities she never wanted, dragons that she never wanted to see, and a life she thought she left behind.

  • Flaming Blue Truth
    114K 3.4K 21

    Rin Okumura is smart but not many people know it. When Rin comes to Mephisto's office one night to ask a few question Mephisto gets the surprise of a lifetime. Rin tell secrets that no one knew but him. Satan's shocked and Rin is shows the world who he really is. The dead will rise. The light will shine. Two worlds wi...

    442K 16K 64

    My name is Isana. I am what you would call a fujoshi and otaku(the ultimate trash). Recently, I got addicted to this manga/anime called Black Clover. I loved it because i ship the protagonists AKA YUNOXASTA together!! I mean they could go more than just rivals right??? I really want them to have a yaoi scene >~~< P...

  • Hakuna matata ( lion guard fanfic )
    41 1 1

    Rain is a leperds cub her father was killed when she was afew days old . What's happens when tragedy stricks and she has to run from her home and everything she loves . But happens when a new adventure starts and will she find love,hope ,happiness Or will everything go down hill for her ........

  • The Lion Cub of the Out-lands (the lion guard fanfic)
    173 2 2

    Frey is a lioness who lives in the out-lands with her best friend Kionia. She has a power that protects her and her territory, but what happens when she gets thrown into the pride lands and comes face to face with the lion guard, and her and Kion face off. find out in this story the only characters I own are Frey and...

  • Lion guard Fanfiction: Makucha's Girl
    649 19 8

    This is a lion guard Fanfic about my favorite Character, Makucha. (This is kind of a book for two OCs. My idea for Makucha's mate, and the second one is her little sister, kana, kion's other Bff. the episodes Makucha are in will be spoiled, so spoiler alert!) This is my idea for another Leopard, one who is a lot like...

  • Louahls Revenge Lion Guard Fanfic
    10 0 1

    Louahls a Old African wild dog who is hoping to get revenge on those who killed her family

  • The Lion King: Lion Guard Fanfic
    7.1K 25 12

    This is my fanfic about the Lion King: Return of the Lion Guard. I have put my character in it so please don't post awful things about this story. Thx!!!

  • Supernatural x dog reader
    18.6K 246 13

    You are a stay dog you run into two strange men that are on a quest to find who or what killed there Mom &a ones love of there life and it's your job to help them with determination you will succeed and may make dean like you and have you around more

  • Where is Ben 10?
    6.8K 212 4

    Ben 10 was a hero. An intergalactic hero. But one day he went missing and no one heard of him ever again. What happens when Ben 10 disappears or more likely kidnapped by the most dangerous people out there? What happens when they torture him in the worst ways possible? Will he escape or will he stay there forever? Di...

  • Through the Fire and Flames
    412 12 9

    Lilith Bloodstone, a young warrior and huntress, who lives in a village that heavily believes that any and all demons must be exterminated. Being raised to believe this caused the huntress to begin to believe that also. However, will her views change when she comes face to face with death and is saved by one of the mo...

  • Hestia's Prince
    115K 2K 27

    After a harsh betrayal, Percy finds himself seeking death. But after stopping a near rape he finds that his broken heart is falling for the Goddess of the Hearth. Disclaimer- I own nothing but the story. All characters you may recognize belong to Rick Riordan.

  • Underlying Secrets (NCIS Fanfiction)
    14K 347 5

    When a new order by the government requires NCIS to have K-9 officers work with the teams, the German Shepherd chosen for Gibbs' team appears like any other K-9 unit dog. However, and underlying secret lies beneath the black collar round her neck. As Dawn solves cases with the team, she has no idea of her true past. W...

  • The Scars that Define Me (A Jurassic World Fanfiction)
    74.2K 3.2K 26

    When the dinosaurs broke out from their enclosures in the theme park known as Jurassic World, all humans were taken away, to a safe place. But Riley was left behind. Alone with the dinosaurs. She learnt how to bond with the beasts, and everyday, she hoped that someone would come for her. But no one ever did. Five year...

  • Dinosaur King [Fanficition]
    1.1K 15 4

    Dinosaur King Fanfic Rio the granddaughter of Dr.z and older sister of Rod and Laura. For she is known for her love of dinosaurs and books. She does not get in trouble but without people knowing that she is doing some trouble. If there something that she wants or needs she will get it. For she understands animal a...

  • Dinosaur King fanfic
    734 14 8

    Dinosaur King is one of my favorite shows to watch and it still is (when I get board on a daily basis I rewatch some of my favorite shows). This is a reader insert because writing lovey dovey stuff is not my thing, also please don't be mad at me if my writing sucks, I'm still sorta new to the whole writing thing and I...

  • A Mother's Child
    22.7K 420 8

    Kind of follows the storyline of Jurassic World but you get to see and bond with the I-Rex.

  • Dinosaur whisperer
    17K 368 19

    My name is (Y/n) (L/n) and I'm doctor Z's niece. Unbelievable it may sound that I'm related to an crazy old tiny man who has an obsession with dinosaurs. I don't mind him at all and I care about dinosaurs, I have an hybrid dinosaur named Zirra. She is a bit cranky and mean toward other dinosaurs but she is still preci...

  • Dinosaur king reader x RWBY
    3.4K 47 7

    ( yes I'm doing this deal with it please ) y/n is the son of tai xiao long and finds a card with a dinosaur on it with a rock that had a symbol so he took them to his father and made the rock into a weapon so what happens when y/n slashes the card through the weapon read this to find out

  • Scarlet and Aztec - A Horseland Fanfic
    2.4K 53 6

    Aztec is a handsome Kiger Mustang stallion who can be kind of a grump at times. He's in love with Scarlet, who is a beautiful Arabian mare but doesn't have the same feelings for Aztec. But if Aztec doesn't make a move with Scarlet, then a new horse staying at Horseland for a month will take her...

  • The First Dragons Daughter (Fairy Tail x Reader)
    148K 2.9K 34

    What would happen if Fairy Tails true strongest member finally found their way to the guild? What would happen when they met Team Natsu? This story will explain it all to you. You are the cousin of Mavis Vermilion and go to live with her once you are orphaned. You and Mavis create Fairy Tail and live peaceful lives...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragon Queen (Fairytail x Reader) ●●●Under Major Editing●●●
    105K 2.9K 58

    ♢♢Second book out♢♢ Read at your own risk, because this might be the most boring thing you might ever read. This is my first'll probably be the cringiest thing you'll ever read... (it'll probably be a waste of your time....but what evs) ●●●●●●●●●● btw I'm not good at descriptions *prologue Yo...

  • A Pretty Revenge. (A Fairytail Fanfic)
    71.7K 1.5K 32

    Y/n Heartfilia Lucy's younger twin sister, that is her shadow. She was always the girl behind her sister whom no one really noticed. But when her only friend goes on a mission and she us left behind, she finally gets noticed but by the wrong persons. Never did she think that she would have to leave her home but when t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chances; A Transformers Fanfiction
    217 12 5

    This Story is not for little children or the faint of heart.