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  • oh no - Jake Gyllenhaal x Tom Holland
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    I wanted to make a story about them because I can see the chemistry In interviews and I haven't been able to find any fics about this ship.

  • Peter Stories ??
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    Where I'm going to dump all my random oneshot shorts of Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal because they cute :3 ///then I decided to just dump all my Peter Parker stories here so- SORRY BOUT IT MANNN //no hate if you have any hate to say about it or how I portray the actors or characters just scadoodle your negative sel...

  • 《Shattered》-Re Written-
    21.7K 289 69

    Hi hi! I decided to re-write this story, since the first version wasn't all that... Great, I took it Upon myself to re write this and add a few changes ~~~ Ash Ketchum, comes home form his trip from Kalos, only to be betrayed by his Friends, and His own Mother, runs off to Mt.Silver Residing and training There for 7 y...

  • Find My Place
    3.5K 70 20

    Ash was beaten by Alain in the Kalos League. When he returned to Pallet Town, He had a bad homecoming. His friends betrayed him, and he knew that he wasn't belong there. He ran, making sure that no one knows where he had gone. Five years have passed and Serena became Kalos Queen. She thought all of her troubles w...

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    When Arceus got betrayed and was weak. Arceus surely was angry on human kind for cheating on him but as a god he knew there are not all bad people so before going to sleep he left a big portion of his remaining powers that will take place in a person who have a heart of gold and soul of silver, which are going to grow...

  • Rise Of A Hero
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    As expected, Ash begins his journey when he's 10, but he doesn't GO WITH THE FLOW. He's calm, cunning and calculative resulting in him winning all the leagues he enters. What happens when his mother has a surprise for him when he returns from winning the Kalos League? Read to find out Best Ranking: #2 in Pokemon #1 in...