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  • My Four Mates That I Love ⚠️NEW VERSION OUT⚠️
    128K 4.3K 12

    ⚠️NEW VERSION OUT CALLED "MY MATES I CHERISHED THE MOST"⚠️ There's a 17 year old boy name, Allan. Allan is a boy that gets abused by his foster father Rick. Allan does the right thing to please his foster father, but he still gets the beatings, the rape and the disrespect. One day, Allan had it so he packed his few li...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Serial Killer's Crush (BXB) {COMPLETED}
    474K 15.4K 32

    Being kidnapped and held captive all because a serial killer falls in love with you... would he kill you when he gets bored?

    Completed   Mature
  • In Between Days: Raising Jordan (boyxman)(completed)
    633K 32.3K 49

    When Jordan Cameron was ten years old, his mother stopped speaking and was never the same again, going from one institution to another and ultimately to a group home. While his father explores the world as a well-renowned geoscientist, Jordan's older brother, Tim, is forced to raise him. Tim, eleven years older than...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Possession (Chanbaek)
    273K 8.7K 35

    "DON'T LOOK AT ANY OTHER MAN APART FROM ME!!" "But we were just t-talking and-" I tried to explain "I DON'T CARE YOU ARE MINE ONLY WHAT DID I SAY? " He asked yelling "I'm yours only" I said in a small voice "That's right you are Daddy's posession, now time for your punishment "

    Completed   Mature
  • Sold to a Mafia (Complete)
    189K 4K 14

    Warning: Mature Contents Ashley is a 16 year old normal high school boy with a normal life. Or so he thought. Marcus is the most feared mafia in the world. He is feared by a lot of people also has a bunch of enemies. What happens to Ashley when his mom sells him to Marcus? What will his life be from now on? ***Comple...

    Completed   Mature
  • Owning The Player
    524K 18.5K 36

    Miguel loved it when more than 60,000 people in the football stands scream his name with pride. The most successful footballer of his time, he is a legend even by the age of 29. Arrogant, Selfish, Narcissist, Rude and Uncouth, he is the favourite of papparazzis and a terrible reality as far as football critics are con...

  • Falling for The Most Wanted Mafia Boss
    340K 10.4K 32

    He is the most evil Person in the city. Every living thing in the world fear him. He is on top wanted level for the murders, rapes, kidnapping, gangwars, smuggling. He is the biggest Gangster in town He owns California. And then there's me, A simple Guy living alone ,Who was having a Simple,quite and safe life until I...

  • Homeless (mxm)
    6.6M 264K 43

    Book 1 HomeLess Book 2 ReckLess Book 3 SenseLess Being homeless isn't the end of the world. At least, that's what Zachary thought when he found himself on the streets after being kicked out at seventeen. It hadn't been his fault. His father had used him as a scapegoat and won his mother over, thinking that her husband...

  • Mad {COMPLETED√}
    66.6K 4.9K 31

    [ The Fiction Awards 2019 Winner ••• Best Of Horror and The Reader's Choice Awards 2020 ] SAY YOU HATE ME AND I WILL TAKE YOUR HEART. ********* After an extreme argument that went wrong with his parents, Jackson Right Patterson stole his father's car on one stormy night and drove into the high way. A bottle of whiske...

    Completed   Mature