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  • Of Frost and Flame
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    Natsuo tightly grips Touya's hand, yanking him back. Even being five years younger than Touya, he still has more than enough strength to stop his older brother in his tracks. A thin dusting of frost begins to creep over his skin, soothing both his and Touya's burns. All around them, a pale azure fire flickers and danc...

  • "It's You"; DabiHawks
    343K 13.5K 53

    Soulmate AU Soulmates were a tricky subject. When you were a few years old, about when you got your quirk, a few words would appear somewhere on their body. those would be the first words your soulmate would say to you specifically. As soon as you and your soulmate touched skin to skin, a mark would appear correspondi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Class 1-gAy & LoV chatsksksks
    46.1K 1.4K 32

    the title obviously says what this weird ass thing called a fan fiction is about. *sad yeehaw* I has me top rankssss: #2 in lov (5/2/20) #4 in leagueofvillians (12/9/19) #12 in dadmight (10/7/19) #1 in hawksbnha (12/10/19) #2 in bnhachatroom (9/25/19) #4 in dabihawks (9/7/20) and more (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) me happy :')))

  • MISSING-A Dadzawa and Touya Todoroki fanfiction
    40.6K 2K 34

    "Natsu, why do I exist?" Aizawa finds Touya running away from a purpose he wasn't suited for and decides to help give him a new one. When Touya Todoroki burnt down his bedroom and most of his skin, he was forced to run away. Alone with nothing but his pajamas and a quirk that's burning him up from the inside, he does...

  • Ua? More like U-gay (chatfic)
    101K 3.8K 12

    Nezu some how manages to add Dabi to the Teacher Group chat, they proceed to surprise adopt the villains. (I don't know what I'm doing, plz send help) (Cover art is mine, my Instagram is idle_spirit, my art is definitely better than my writing)

  • Broken
    13K 426 12

    "Touya why are we leaving?" Shouto asked his older brother. "So dad can't hurt us anymore," Touya answered. "Won't Fuyumi and Natsuo be sad that we left?" Shouto asked. Touya thought about how his twin would miss him and how Natsuo would too but he was this to them save. It was for the greater good. "They'll miss but...

  • PJO/HoO/ToA Ship Headcanons
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    Because I'm trash Request if you wanna. I'll do probably any ship except Caleo. No hate, I just can't come up with any headcanons because I don't ship it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • kiribaku oneshots
    620K 14.5K 134

    hey, so, this book started out as something to do when i was bored during the summer. i honestly didnt expect this to get so popular. anyways, this is just some smutty, fluffy, angsty oneshots. this are my lifes work, so id prefer you keep any hateful words (except from constructive criticism) to yourself. if you have...