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  • My Very Own Barry
    9.5K 310 28

    What if Barry was wrong, what if there was a version of himself living on Earth 38. How would Kara react when she finds him, how would this new Barry react, how would the old Barry react? Could Kara finally get the one thing she longed for, but was never able to get before?

  • The Fanatical
    811 44 7

    Kara didn't imagine that at her next meeting with Barry, she would see him on his knees. When love dies, when hope dries up, some people find their source in faith. But is it always the right path, or is it a sign of a much deeper problem ?

  • WORLD'S FINEST HEROES ~{SuperFlash Fanfic}~
    2.8K 73 18

    Sequel to: WORLD'S FINEST LOVERS The Multiverse is saved! After what they thought was the end of everything they knew and loved, Barry and Kara can finally spend time together as a couple, without a dimensional barrier separating them. With their troubled pasts left behind them and their feelings for one another stro...

  • In the Nick of Time
    1.6K 37 21

    My name is Kara Zor-El. When I was a child, my planet, Krypton, was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin, but my pod got knocked off course and by the time I arrived, he had already grown up and become Superman. And so I hid my powers, until recent events forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most peo...

  • A Love in the Wrong Universe (On Hiatus)
    6.7K 188 11

    After helping the heroes of earth 1 fight off the dominators, all of the breaches to earth 38 suddenly close. Kara becomes stuck on Earth 1, unable to get home and on a strange earth Barry takes Kara under his wing. Feeling a start to develop as our heroes try and find a way for Kara to return to her family. What...

  • Running Home to You
    10.3K 363 11

    Kara never lived with the Danvers. Instead, she grew up as Kara West, adopted daughter of Joe West, with a sister and the boy that she doesn't know she has feelings for. Kara and Barry have always been attached to the hip. Some even say that they are psychically linked. Kara always thought of him as her brother; Barr...

  • The Rejects
    5K 189 19

    It can be hard to be accepted in today's world, especially when you are not even the original. Rejection is a horrible thing, it can change you into something you don't want to be, something horrible. The loneliness and darkness is enough to drive anyone person mad, but it can be stopped; all it takes is one person, o...

  • Trinity Fallen (On Hold)
    5.2K 183 29

    There are many earths within the multiverse's. Most thought Earth X was the most brutal Earth, but they were wrong. There was one Earth, where the Trinity ruled with an ironfist, and kept everyone at bay with fear alone. This is how they came to rule. Welcome, to Negative Earth!

  • Deadly Secret
    1.1K 24 5

    Kara goes to Earth-1 as an act of hiding from her friends on Earth-38. However, she travels with a secret that those on Earth-1 are clueless to and the thing that drove her away from her friends and family on her Earth. I do not own Supergirl, the Flash or any of the other characters mentioned in the story, they all b...

  • I'll Catch You
    1.7K 54 4

    Pain.That's all Kara feels. When Kara is Kidnapped and tortured by CADMUS she feels broken. When she returns home she is like a shell of the girl she used to be. Alex just wants her little sister back but the old Kara may be to far gone.

  • Phase 7
    222 13 3

    After having been missing and presumed dead for 5 years, Kara Zor-el-Danvers is forced to come to terms with what happened during her kidnapping and the events of Gameplay. Even worse, she must decide who to trust in a world that is unknowingly bound by the control of one man; her captor. But escaping his grasp isn't...

  • Broken Hearts
    5.1K 164 21

    After a great tragedy between Supergirl, Alex, Cadmus, and the world, the Girl of Steel is dead. She was struck by the evilness of Lillian Luthor. And now Kara Danvers and Supergirl herself is gone. This isn't her story though. This is Alex Danver's story.

  • Finding out the truth
    16.5K 247 7

    What happens when teams Flash and Supergirl FInd out about the secret highschool life's of Kara & Barry. Plus, what happeneds when The warblers and the New Directions find out about where Marley & Sebastian disapeared to?

  • A Superflash Story
    70.6K 1.4K 41

    What if Kara lived in Central City, what if she met Barry before the Flash and before Supergirl. How would their love develop. How would this change the dynamic. Watch as our favourite super duo fall in love, discover their powers, and become the most kick ass super couple of all time.

  • Time Remnant
    1.8K 45 16

    A time remnant saved by the speedforce and given a goal to be champion of the speedforce. So the 'Time Remnant' of Barry Allen spent 10 years working as a champion for the speedforce only to be sent back to his earth for one last mission despite the mission being over and done with, he returns to the speedforce to be...

  • A Whole New Multiverse: Arrow
    870 44 12

    Explanation for rewrite in first chapter. My name is Oliver Queen. After failing to stop a crisis unlike anything else I have ever faced before, I have awoken in a new multiverse 8 years in the past and I have been given the chance keep history from repeating itself and save the lives of those I failed before. I am th...

  • A Whole New Multiverse: Batwoman
    988 55 12

    My name is Kate Kane. This really is not the story I thought I'd be telling. After watching my universe literally burn down, I found myself waking up in this strange new one. I don't understand much of what's happened, except that I've been given a chance to turn my failures into successes, pick up where cousin left o...

  • A Whole New Multiverse: Supergirl
    707 65 12

    Explanation for rewrite in the first chapter. My name is Kara Zor-El. I am from Krypton. And also another multiverse. But after failing to stop the crisis that destroyed my universe I found myself waking up in a new one with a chance to prevent my mistakes from being repeated and protecting those I hold dear. I am Sup...

  • A Whole New Multiverse: Flash
    580 50 12

    Explanation for rewrite in first chapter. My name is Barry Allen. After failing to stop the destruction of the multiverse, I woke up in this new one and found I've been given a second to save those I care about and I'm the only one fast enough to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. I am the Flash. Westallen...