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  • My Soul Is Yours (AU Sans x Reader Oneshots)
    242K 4.9K 84

    READ OPENING A/N BEFORE GOING IN AND DOING ANYTHING ELSE. A remake of my old AU Sans x Reader Oneshots but more detailed and better.

  • Undertale x Reader Oneshots
    129K 3.2K 96


  • Undertale AUs X reader
    5.6K 115 13

    I've done it....I'm offically undertale trash... request and I'll get around to it but, I won't do lemons.

  • Au Sans x Reader Oneshots Second Book! (Request Not Open Yet) (On Hold For A Bit
    17.8K 557 34

    Cover not mine. Hi buds, I thought of making a second book! So yeah, I don't know about requests yet. So please keep that in mind. I may update often or not much. Sorry, but anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the 2 book.

  • Am I In the Bone-Zone? (Papyrus X reader)
    69.8K 2.1K 20

    Well... Obviously this is a Papyrus X reader.... So yeah. Interesting stuff might happen. Your human... And I may update frequently, but then at times I wont... So yeah...

  • Undertale Boiz Oneshots
    167K 3.3K 101

    Yes , a sequel. I can't just leave everybody hanging when my oneshots were actually getting a fairly awesome amount of reads! Plus, I have even MORE ideas! I can't wait to write them all down, take requests, and make everyone happy. That's my major goal here, to make everyone HAPPY. The rules and what to expect in thi...

  • Au sanses x read(traits added)
    349 0 18

    welcome reader to a story about a god like beings from another dimension in this story you will ... screw this read the damn book if you wanna find out what happens i suck at making a description... thanks for checking this out peace

  • Undertale Boiz x Reader
    253K 6.6K 203

    Guess who's back into another fandom yet again? That's right! Evangeline Hisahoshi! Hello everyone and this is my newest book of one Shots because the undertale has finally found me. Requests are always open and this fandom is an unique case ecspecially when it comes to the fact that there are many AU sans and papyru...