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  • The Difference Between Getting and Needing
    154K 8.1K 50

    "Sometimes what you need isn't what you get, it's what you already have." 〰️〰️〰️ Being stuck in a people-pleasing routine is what Bayla Barclay knows best. She's got every aspect of her strained relationship down to a science. She'll wea...

    191K 14.5K 32

    Boy meets magic. Boy meets death.

  • Coffee with Wilde
    39.1K 3.1K 15

    In which a happy Sylvia Plath and a disgruntled Oscar Wilde meet over coffee to discuss boys, legal studies terms and the perils of being a writer in a logical world. [Now a Wattpad Featured Story] [#40 in Short Story 11/4/16] Cover by @DriveMeCrayCray

  • Social Climbers
    469K 16.6K 17

    The oddly, amusing, and fascinating transformation of Corey Port from number 47 to number 1.