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  • Overly attached (SLUMPTACION) COMPLETED
    34.4K 1.5K 24

    "A story about a very Toxic relationship or soon to be relationship, a rocky road that might leave others to be angry, or sad. Jahseh is so in love with stokeley that matter a fact he is to attached to him, Stokeley doesn't feel that way throughout the story." this is my very 1ST book it's OLD and the grammar is SO BA...

  • Shy Boy
    14.9K 978 15

    Stokeley is a shy boy that doesn't stand out.....well...... At least that's what he tells himself JahsehxStokeley what ya need to know Stokeley is a bottom contains blood depression bxb mature

  • phantasy, ˢˡᵘᵐᵖᵗᵃᶜⁱᵒⁿ
    713 62 3

    IN WHICH,, Stokeley's notes to a straight male in a relationship cause inexplicable damage. the summary/intro is not set up well & is cringey but i promise it gets better :)

  • heartbreak hill.
    19.8K 1.2K 13

    SLUMPTACTION!-/" left the drugs behind for you, i just hope you find the truth inside of you " xx.

  • broken ; jahseh + stokeley [DISCONTINUED]
    17.2K 1.1K 13

    ❝let me help you❞ /// book started august 19th, 2018. [⚣ - bxb material] lmao i'm discontinuing this book until i actually find motivation to finish it.

  • Under His Wing || SLUMPTACION
    6.2K 380 4

    Stokeley came in and grabbed me by my chin, forcefully pulling me close and making me look up at him. "Listen Jah, in my cartel, there are no fuckin' crybabies. Either you do what I tell you, or get yourself brutally killed... ...your choice."

  • +*Slumptacion+* dirty imagines
    31.6K 770 11

    Ski mask the slump god & Xxxtentacion smut.. Uhhh i think you gotta follow me to read some chapters...cuz they don't be poping up for some people..if you experience jus know das why duragchokerchain smut (I invented that name hoe credit me)