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  • Oneshots.
    96.9K 2.5K 18

    A collection of Stydia oneshots written over the past year.

  • bryles one shots ♡
    1.8K 48 3

    just a girl with a lot of time on her hands 💀

  • Enemies
    15.8K 376 23

    Noah and Richelle. Enemies... for now

  • tragical romance | bryles ♡
    4.6K 172 21

    a take on 'anne with an e's shirbert storyline with a bryles twist <3

  • i'm fine 2
    7.4K 169 10

    the second part of "Im fine"💕

  • BRYLES - remember when
    2.8K 107 6

    myles erlick used to be your friend. he was your first crush, your first kiss and your first heartbreak when everything started to fall apart. three years later, the two of you still live next to each other. what happens when he sees you coming home with puffy eyes and tears rolling down your cheeks. will he continue...

  • I'm Bored- NOCHELLE
    632 21 3

    Richelle Nolet is bored of waiting for her best friend, Noah to notice her. She's sick of being pushed away, shunned for something better. Noah Erlick is their studio's Loverboy. Will he finally notice Richelle?

  • Am I Too Late? - NOCHELLE
    86 7 1

    Sequel to I'm Bored Noah has FINALLY realised his feelings for Richelle. But she has a boyfriend now. What is he gonna do?

  • Betrayed - Bryles
    766 28 5

    Myles erlick and Briar Nolet are strangers to one another. When they begin dating, they are labelled as THE power couple. But is their love strong enough to overcome all obstacles? When a picture of Briar "cheating" on Myles surface, can their relationship survive the brittle course of heartache?

  • Why?
    570 33 3

    Briar Nolet is bullied. Myles Erlick is the worst. Can he see that all she needs is someone to love her?

    821 25 2

    You ever heard of those friends who spend every single hour of every day together..? No, ok. Well if you read this story, you will... Noah Richelle James Riley Eldon & Giselle

  • just another music video... [nochelle]
    8.3K 258 18

    Part 2 of my first story. With Richelle and Noah in a happy relationship, Jacquie is feeling left out. Noah discovers that she has a new boyfriend but not everything is as it seems. Meanwhile, Richelle is given the chance to star in another music video. Again, it is a love song. Who will be her co-star? And will they...

  • Need You Now | Bryles
    6.1K 230 5

    It's been a year since he lost her. A year since she left him standing there, in a small hotel room. A year since she told him all they ever had was a big lie. A year since everything they built fell apart. After a year apart, Myles Erlick and Briar Nolet are just shadows of the people they used to be. Myles managed t...

  • bryles mashup
    1.9K 57 13

    this book is about how bryles started up until now x

  • mix of tns one-shots [originally nochelle]
    12K 208 21

    This is a book that I probably won't update much but I occasionally think of a one-shot for this INCREDIBLE couple so...

  • bryles oneshots!
    11.1K 303 19

    some random stories on the cutest couple! <3

  • Bryles/nochelle oneshots (book one)
    11.4K 125 22

    #28 tns #215 dance #9 nochelle #27 bryles #16 myleserlick #18 briar nolet These are my rankings as of may 2018 -luke

  • A Bryles Story
    26.2K 619 15

    What's going on with Bryles' life? Do you wanna know? So this book will tell you EXACTLY how Myles and Briar fight for their feelings to get each other, but they have one obstacle, Abi... Find out more about it clicking on "Start reading"! Stay tuned about my book's updates on @briarnoletsite on Instagram!

  • Nochelle • Bryles Oneshots
    227K 3.6K 74

    ✧one shots for the otp✧ ♛Bryles♛ ♛Nochelle♛

  • Bryles story
    1.6K 25 11

  • Bryles
    4.1K 72 6

    All it takes was one movement, everything... gone. All it took was detective work... His world known. Myles Elrick is a dancer. A good one at that. Will his story become known?

  • Oneshots
    2.2K 41 4

    Bryles/Nochelle -Regular Oneshots.

  • Bryles alphabet one shots
    2.6K 67 4

    Just a whole lot of one shots about bryles

  • Nochelle/Bryles one shots
    25.3K 398 15

    I made a Nochelle One-shot time ago and I wanted to write more so here there are the Bryles/Nochelle one shot

  • Bryles/Nochelle Oneshots
    26.2K 325 12

    What happens whilst filming the next step there will be Bryles for those who don't know who bryles is it is Myles erlick and Briar Nolet. None of the chapters are linked I will tell you if they are There will also be some Nochelle so I can update every week and have a wide range of ideas

  • Bad Boy
    1.8K 72 5

    Myles Erlick is the School's bad boy. Can Briar bring out his softer side?

  • Bryles/Nochelle oneshots
    6.5K 77 12

    Just some oneshots of my favourite couple❤

  • bryles oneshots
    1K 18 3

    just a oneshots book for the best couple on earth♡

  • We are just friends
    6.3K 246 25

    A fanfiction story about two best friends(Myles Erlick and Briar Nolet) but are they really just friends?

  • still falling for you ♡ nochelle
    1K 28 2

    ❝ this love's like fire and ice ❞