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  • Aĉaĵego
    1.6K 265 17

    In Floreca's village, human sacrifice is a necessary evil. The monstrous-looking angel, Aĉaĵego, demands one sinner every month. But when Floreca and her older sister become the sacrifices, Floreca questions if the Aĉaĵego is really as monstrous as it seems. As she awaits her death, Floreca seems to be developing a s...

  • The Fourth Piper
    30.3K 2K 37

    EDITING The kingdom of Eracelli is failing. The once-beautiful kingdom of artisans and muses is finally falling apart from the outside in from thieves, assassins, and rebels. In order for the land to be redeemed, the Final Song of the Pipes must be played by the legendary Piper - villain or not - to restore what was...